Local Library Disappeared, Stuck "Adding music to library" after Latest Update

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 7,1
Dual-Core Intel Core i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is Eero Pro
Switches (1 Gbit)

Roon Core is wired.
Not relevant here as problem is local to Roon Core Machine, and problem is about finding local files.

Connected Audio Devices

Core machine has a USB Bel Canto RefLink attached.
There are 3 Raspberry Pis, wired and wifi running roon endpoint on DietPi v8.14.2 (current).

Number of Tracks in Library

15000 tracks

Description of Issue

The problem is all the files in my local library have disappeared. I believe it started when I updated the Roon Core to 2.0 build 1223.

All local tracks were listed as “unavailable”. Interestingly, even streaming albums (e.g. Qobuz) which I had added to my library were listed as “unavailable”. Everything (again, e.g. Qobuz) I had not added to my library remained available and playable. FWIW, I do not add tracks to my library, only albums.

When I screen-shared in to my headless Roon Core machine, I saw a spinning arrow top-left, and clicking on this brought up a dialog complaining:

Adding music to library: Of 62 tracks, 62 added, 0 identified

I have no idea what these 62 tracks are. As far as I can remember, I haven’t added anything in 2023. I mostly stream now.

I read in these forums that rebooting would help. It did not. No change.

My files were still on disk–yay–and still in the iTunes folder. So I moved them out according to https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/faq-how-do-i-move-my-collection-to-a-new-folder-hard-drive-or-nas-will-i-lose-my-edits#Preparation

After I added the new home for music files, and wait for Roon Core to scan, my local files were available! However, the spinner in the top right remained. So I quit Roon Core and rebooted.

After the reboot, my local files are once again gone. Mostly they are unfindable in the Roon Core UI, but some I did find as recently added to library are “unavailable”. They remain on disk–yay again. If I “Force Rescan”, this takes no time at all, and has no effect too.

Weirdly, when I look at “my” Library tab, all the files are listed are with the Tidal logo. This is not correct.

Finally, the spinner top right is back, with the same dialog posted above.
Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 11.00.14 PM

Please advise how to recover from this.


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Hi @Carl_Haverl ,

Are you still seeing this issue? We have enabled diagnostics mode for your Roon Core to review logging, but we have not seen it communicate with our diagnostics servers yet. When you have a chance please use your Roon Core for at least a couple of minutes and let us know here so that we can review the diagnostics, thanks!

Yes, thanks for asking. I do still have this problem. You asked me to indicate when I am using the Roon core. I have been using it now, 23:40 in California, for about 1.5 hours.


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Hey @Carl_Haverl,

We have just released Roon Hotfix build 1232 which should help with this behavior. Please try to update your Roon Core to the latest version and let us know if it helps resolve the issue on your end, thanks!

I installed build 1232, but it hasn’t helped with my problem at all. No changes in behavior as far as I can tell.


Hey @Carl_Haverl,

Thanks for letting me know! Please remain on standby while we re-evaluate the issue. :+1:

I will follow up with more information soon.

Ok. Thank you.

Hey @Carl_Haverl,

Please update to the newest build 1234 and let me know how things run!

Build 1234 fixes it. Thank you so much!

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