Locking problems

sure did,thanks greg,you’ve been a great help,now lets hope this is all settled soon!!

One last thing, I think Mike will want to see your output settings. Can you click on the gears next to your ps audio dac and take a pic of that screen too?

Cheers, Greg

there ya go!!

Perfect! hopefully that will help @mike.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks @Greg and @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – that last one was exactly what I needed.

Let me confirm the known working settings we’re using internally, and I’ll follow up real soon @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney.

Hey @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – just checking in here, apologies for the delay.

Can you give us some more information about what kind of content you’re playing? Is it 24/192 content? Let me know as I would expect all content played in Roon via the DirectStream to play in its native format.

Let me know and we’ll figure out the issue here – thanks!

Hi there yes it’s 24/192 content I’m have on the hard drives linked to iTunes😈

Do the same files consistently fail to play back at the sample rate you’re expecting, or do the same files behave differently at different times?

everything stays in 16/44,when in iTunes everything plays 24/192!

sorry thats Roon where everything plays in 16/44, in iTunes it plays 24/192!

It’s been 6 days and I’ve heard no news on my problem,is there any news,yours feeling doubtful foxx delaney

Hi Foxx,
Are the files you play are 192/24 rather than just the output of iTunes being set at 192/24? In the latter, even 44/16 would appear as 192 even though they are not.

I think that is what Mike was getting at.

When you play one of these tracks, can you take a screen grab of the audio path (click on the coloured dot in the play bar at the bottom of screen)

This will help track down what is happening.

Hi Foxx, that is helpful. This shows that your files are not 192/24. They are 44/16. I suspect that what you have previously seen is your Mac midi setting up sampling files to 192/24.
Roon is giving your DAC the files in their native format.

Other Mac users may chime in to confirm.

So roon won’t play 24/192 or DSD then so with roon I’m stuck with 44/16,then I’ll maybe have to go back to iTunes,or find a player that play at higher res😈

Hi Foxx,

The screenshot of the audio chain indicates that the source file is an AAC 44/16 file. It’s likely that you have different file types and resolutions in your library. You may have Bitperfect set to automatically up sample all file types, which is why you see it uniformly playing hi-res through iTunes. Up-sampling is different from playing a hi res source file. Up sampling enables less problematic filtering but it doesn’t have all the information that a hi res source file has. Roon doesn’t currently upsample, but it does play hi res source files. If you look at the source files in your library you will be able to check whether Roon is playing them in their native resolution. If you find that Roon is not doing that then there may be a problem with Roon. If Roon is doing that, however, then it is behaving as expected. Similarly in order to playback in DSD Roon will need input from a DSD file (usually in DSF format).

If you want to listen to your existing library using up sampling then Roon does not currently support that. Integration with HQPlayer (which supports up sampling) is planned and underway, but no timeframe has yet been announced for expected release.

In the meantime you can

  • Use Roon to listen to your files in native format,
  • Use other software to upsample your existing files and save them in a hi res format for Roon to play, or
  • Rerip or acquire new hi-res source files and play them through Roon.

Hope that helps !



Hey @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – I think you’re a little confused here. I’m not sure if I helped above, but Nick did (thanks @ncpl!)

So, the file you’re playing above is a 44.1 16bit AAC file and as you can see from your screenshots above, this is exactly what’s being delivered to your DAC.

To be clear, Roon will never convert your audio unnecessarily – the only time audio is converted is when the DAC requires it. The reason your DAC isn’t showing a higher resolution is that the file being played isn’t a high resolution file.

As you mention earlier in this thread, the DirectStream is absolutely capable of playing back DSD and 24/192 content. When playing content in that format, you would see something like this:



As @andybob mentioned, if you’re looking to have lower resolution files files upsampled, Roon does not currently support this, and while I’m not clear how you have things configured, I’m not sure I personally would want iTunes making those kinds of conversions.

Either way, that’s very different from being able to play files that are actually high res. Let me know if that makes sense @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney. Thanks!

Ok first all my iTunes files are 24/192 ripped and up sampled,I’ve been in the hifi industry selling dacs for years and the ps audio DSD is a new animal,I will say this once again,when I play roon with my iTunes libary it’s 44/16 when I play iTunes alone I get 24/192,when I reintroduce Bit Perfect to the equation again I get 24/192,I sent you pics of how roon is set up and you said it was the right way,so what’s going on,I use tidal with roon and even that is 44/16!
Confused fed up and getting old😈

Hey @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – I’m not trying to be argumentative here, just trying to help out!

The screenshot you sent above indicates that you’re playing an AAC file, which is not high resolution, or even lossless – AAC files are lossy, so I would expect the DirectStream’s display to reflect that.

Based on the screenshots you’ve sent, everything appears to be working as expected, as Roon does not do any upsampling and these files appear to simply be playing back at their native resolution.

I’m happy to give you a way to send us any files you feel are being read or played back incorrectly, and I hope you’ll accept my apologies if I’ve missed something or misunderstood you along the way. Thanks!