Login to Tidal Service gives Error message

NUC 5i5RYK actual Core ROCK installed

Router HUAWEI optical Fibre on Ethernet WiFi disabled
TP Link Mesh System Deco M5 for WiFi

RoPieee XL with Audioquest Cobalt in USB Port
Sonos Connect with Shiit Modi 3 in Coax Port

logOUT from Tidal in Roon then tried to login but Roon couldn’t login
I have verified with Tidal application , and no problem of login

I tried as it is said to, move the content of RoonServer/Cache to my desktop
and tried again to login into Tidal from Roon but agin error message

I was finally obliged to restore an old backUP of last week
and then everything started again with my Tidal Library wich is 4000 Albums

But then it looks a long time Syncing Tidal music to my Library

It is the second time I have this error message to login Tidal

Hi @NjB

Just to confirm, when you choose to log in to TIDAL, you’re able to log in to the webpage but it doesn’t update in Roon? What device are you using to log in? What browser are you using? If you try using a different browser is there any change?

Hy @dylan , I have no problem to login Tidal with safari in iMac
Thanks for the info , I didn’t new that login in the browser could update login in Roon
What different browser can I use with MacOS in iMac ?
In fact , my login in Roon opens a Tab in Safari that confirm the login was succefull , but in reality tidal files are unavailable and a message advice me that I’m not connected to Tidal
But this has been overcome with restoring my Roon backup of last week

I have decided to never logout tidal from Roon anymore
I am to affraid I shall have an error message when I want to login again
and then I will be obliged to restore last backup to recover Tidal again
What is the disable button for ?
I have never used it
And what is the difference with logout Tidal