Logitech Squeezebox Controller and Roon - Volume problems

Roon Core Machine

Roon running on NUC10I7BNH Intel 7, 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Diverse network with most everything on Ethernet and a few Logitech endpoints on Mesh wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Issues with Logitech Touch and Logitech Duet controlled by Logitech Controller remote (the Duet remote)

Library Size

20,000 track library

Description of Issue

I have Roon running as my Squeezebox server. I can see endpoints and play music to them. I have set the volume for the Duet and the Touch to be device level. If I use the Roon app, I can control the volume, play, pause, etc. fine. If I use the Logitech Controller remote, I can pause, skip, etc. If I use the volume on the remote, it will not change the volume on the device, but I can see the number changing when watching the app. It is almost like the volume is not synching back to the endpoint device even though the Roon system sees it. So effectively the Logitech controller is not changing the audible volume - just the number on the screen for the Roon app running on my PC. When I then touch plus/minus or slider in the app, the endpoints correctly adjust volume. I am asking if there can be volume support for the remote reviewed/tested.

Hello @Michael_Amster,

I am so sorry that we missed on your post for this long. Please, accept our sincere apologies for this… :pleading_face:

We’re checking with our technical team to see how we can best help with this request.

Please, bear with us a little longer :pray:

Hello @Michael_Amster ,

Thank you for reaching out and for your patience here! We have attempted to reproduce the issue you describe in the QA lab, but we cannot do so.

Sending commands to the Squeezebox Touch that we have in the lab via the remote control appears to be working as expected, and the volume changes accordingly in both the Roon app and on the on-screen display.

Can you please confirm, if you try to perform a reboot of your Roon Core or a factory reset on the Squeezebox device, do you still encounter the issue afterward? Please let us know, thank you!