Logitech Transporter Blank Display

My Transporter plays music well with Roon. Problem is, Suddenly the transporter display went completely dark. Occasionally the Roon icon appears when nothing is playing, but otherwise totally dark. I know the Transporter display is functional because when i reconnect to Logitech Media Server it lights right up. I have checked the Roon-Squeezebox settings and all is correct.
Any ideas?

Do you kill the other LMS application? Maybe it’s having some conflict if both are running on the network?

Hi there

I have a similar (but not identical) problem from time to time on my Touch (Squeezebox Touch - display goes). It’s functional as I can use the screen to go through settings etc, but it was the screensaver (clock) that was not working.

I recently (yesterday!) fixed this by doing a power cycle and a firmware reinstall on the Touch (just through settings, it wasn’t an upgrade, just a rewrite). This hasn’t always worked for me, but I offer it as an option that may be worth investigating on your Transporter.