Logitech Transporter - Display problems

Just started to use Roon. The core and music files are installed on a Dell pc with Intel i5.
To this I use a Logitech Transporter. The problem is that I can not change the display. When I change the display configuration the display looks as default.
How to solv the problem?

Good question. I have the same issues and I think that the answer is basically that while Roon supports playback via the Transporter the support for the display is very basic. In other words when using Roon one loses most of the graphics and display functions that one would have when LMS to stream to the Transporter. By the way the same thing regarding the display and graphics apply when using Roon to stream to a Squeezebox Touch, i.e. very limited graphics.

But why are there a number of display settings if Roon can’t show theme in the Logitech Transporter?

Beats me. I gave up trying to change the display settings on the Transporter since that doesn’t work. If I want to see what’s playing I just use the Roon app my phone, tablet or laptop - they all work perfectly and provide lots of information that was never available on the Transporter display, like lyrics, artist bio, album review, etc.

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