Long pause before tracks starts playing

When I press play or next to play a track of the NAS server it takes 5 seconds or more before it actually starts playing. Roon is running of an SSD attached to a Synolgy 918+. Synology cpu and ram all largely in the green . I use an IPAD PRO latest generation as a remote and stream to a Linn Klimax DS.

How big is your library in tracks? Has it finished importing and analysis yet? This might be typical for a nas based core that is not done with importing etc

You missed out a lot of details so not much to go on I’m afraid.

HI, Thanks for responding.
Import is complete I think. I do not see any indication it is still running or analysing. It has been up and running for months now and this phenomenon is rather new. I am using the latest version 1.7 Build 528.
Currently the library has 65194 tracks, being 3955 albums ( but this also includes quite some imported albums from Tidal). Strangely Tidal tracks start playing faster than library tracks.

Hi @Christophe_Deltomme,

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Does the issue only happen on the Linn Klimax zone? If you try sending the audio stream to your iPad’s internal speakers, do you notice any delay occurring there?

You can send the stream to the speakers by opening the Roon app on the iPad and going to Roon Settings -> Audio (on the iPad) and enableing the iPad zone output.

Then select it from the zone picker on the iPad app (bottom right volume icon -> switch zones) and try outputting to the internal speakers.

Please perform this test so that we can know if just the Linn zone is impacted or multiple zones are impacted.

Problem seems to have solved itself. Strange because I experienced no network issues… thanks for takin thebtime to respond.

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Glad to be of help @Christophe_Deltomme! If you have further issues please do let us know.

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