Long shot: Opposite HA2 random split second drop outs

Bit of a long shot. I have an Opportunity HA2 connected to a set of AudioEngine HD4s. I’ve noticed that when playing there are random split second drop outs that occur. Sometime several in a row, sometimes none for minutes. They’re less than a second long, the music just dropping out as if the HA2 stopped converting or hesitated. Not sure which. I’ve connected the Mac directly to the HD4’s USB port to use it’s internal DAC and it plays fine. I’ve also tried various cables and ports connecting the HA2 and it always has the same “glitches”. I’ve also tried playing with the Roon options for the HA2 such as using the maximum buffer, etc. Anyone else experienced this?

Just realised there’s a typo. Should be “Oppo HA2” not “Opportunity HA2”. Nuts autocorrection.

Since the above post I’ve now been trying with different cables, USB ports, etc. Everything works unless the DAC is in the loop, then I get the random hesitations/drops. Not often. Sometimes minutes go by with perfect playback, then I’ll get several in rapid succession. But if I skip back and replay the section of music where the drop out occurred, it plays perfectly. All of which leads me to think this is a random issue within the HA2 that has nothing to do with the material it’s playing.