Looking for a network streamer without a DAC (music streamer transport?)


Sorry, bit of a newbie question here… I’m looking for a network device to play Roon from my NAS and output into a DAC. In old school years of CD players, it would have been a CD Transport I guess.

What’s the right ‘term’ for a network streamer without a DAC? Any good examples out there? Ideally something under $1000.

I’ve seen plenty of Rasberry Pi devices but after after something a bit more robust. I like the look of the Bluenode 2i but, that has a DAC already.

Thanks in advance!

Sonore microrendu and Sonore Ultrarendu are popular devices in the sub $1K class.
Ethernet in, USB out.
Roon Ready.

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And don’t be fooled by the Raspberry Pi devices. Mine is a real tank, totally care-free. Sits on my network giving SPDIF out to a Devialet Phantom.
The other great thing about @rrwwss52’s suggestion is that Andrew Gillis of Small Green Computer (the retailer) and @Jesus_Rodriguez (founder of Sonore) are real class acts. They will give you excellent support and are active on the forum.


SOtM also have options sms 200 200 neo and neo ultra

Lumin also have the u1 mini

Lindemann Lime Tree Bridge

Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra

I have three of these little boxes and they work great either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Plus they are “Roon Ready”
Often available at a discount.

Lindemann Limetree Bridge II.

And the device type is correctly called “audio renderer”.