Looking for a new streamer

Hello folks, My first post here. I’m new to Roon I signed up a couple of months ago and have been enjoying it. I’m running core on an 7ish year old iMac, seems to be running just fine.

The system I’m looking to get a new streamer for is currently using a vault2i as a server /streamer. At this point i only have 150 cd or so ripped. The rest of the system is a Rega Elex mk4 a Rega p6. Rega Apollo and old Linn Kans (thats all that will fit in my built in book case). I’d like to find a streamer that is as much fun as the TT. The Vault is not doing it for me.I have the BS running in to the Rega’s DAC. I also have a Schiit Bifrost if i wanted to up the box count.
My budget is around $2500 usd. So far I’ve been eyeing the Lumin U2 mini, Innuos Pulse mini w/ the power supply and the Bricasti Design Model 5. Any thoughts? The plan is to move the vault down stairs where the imac lives.I’m having a hard time getting Roon to find my library on the Vault but that for another time.
Thanks for any and all suggestions and insights.

I would put your rips on the core. There aren’t enough of them to justify the complications of network attached storage. If you intend to rip more then cool but sell the Vault and buy a proper NAS.
I was looking at a Lumin U2 mini at the start of the year but ended up with the much discussed Eversolo DMP-A6. It is a pretty good device as a Roon endpoint and can be used solo too. Wether any streamer can be as much fun as a TT is debatable but Roon is the key to that, not so much the hardware.


I’d recommend to keep your local collection of music on an external drive which is directly connected to your computer running the Roon Core.

Easy to manage and Roon will have no problems finding it.

My favorite streamer is my Cambridge CXNv2. I have have teamed it up with the rest of the Cambridge Audio CX2 series including the CXA81 amp.

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Welcome to the Roon community! I’ve been in a similar boat, so I can share some thoughts.

Lumin U2 Mini: Great device, very Roon-friendly. Offers a good, detailed sound. Bit on the brighter side.

Innuos Pulse Mini: Solid choice if you’re considering storage as well. If you’re going for it, definitely get it with the power supply; makes a noticeable difference.

Bricasti Design Model 5: Haven’t used it personally but have heard good things. It’s at the higher end of your budget but supposed to have top-notch DAC and sound quality.

Given your setup and desire for something ‘fun,’ I’d lean towards the Lumin U2 Mini. It pairs well with a variety of DACs, including your Schiit Bifrost, and should integrate smoothly with Roon running on your iMac.

As for the Vault issue, you might want to double-check your network settings or maybe even hardwire the connection to your iMac for easier Roon discovery.

Check out the HoloAudio Red digital-to-digital converter and streamer. The $798 price is in line with some of the BlueSound components. It may be hard to buy, though (since it often seems to be either out of stock or only available on a build-to-order basis). Another option is the Sonore ultraRendu, but it’s more expensive (especially after you add in the cost of a separate power supply) and lacks some of the Red’s DDC capabilities.

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Thanks for the reply. The next project around the house is to drill a few holes and hard wire the Vault to the Mac. I hope that helps. Thankfully I’ve only ripped a few cds if I need to start over it’s not that big of a deal. At this time I have no downloaded music on a drive, only cds that are not on any services. The vault is upstairs in the hifi closet and Mac in a room downstairs. Thanks again

In the past when I ripped cds on to my computer I just used I tunes. I know that’s not the most beloved method, what seems to be the best software for ripping and library these days? I only have a few hundreds cds that need to be ripped. Freeing up cash from selling off the Vault frees up money for the streamer or more vinyl.

DBPoweramp for cd ripping.


That’s the one I’ve used as well. And the handful of my +200 CD’s that DBPoweramp didn’t want to read, I’ve ripped with XLD. Everything is now stored as uncompressed FLAC.

I’m looking for a new streamer (no DAC), probably iFi ZEN to go with new Schitt Bifrost2/64. For last 8 months Bluesound NODE has been handy, but with a Schitt Freya don’t need the input for Rega 6 phono stage and the sound quality is amazing for the $ of the Schitt gear. Also a big fan of DBpoweramp, which ripped 1,500+ cd’s , library and Core Nucleus 4TB. Mostly successfull until Ventura OS ungrade; program “freezes” , Paul from DBpower has been working on solving the issue, hopefully soon> Enjoy the tunes

Which Ventura version? I’ve been using dBpoweramp without a hitch with Ventura (and all versions of MacOS) - currently on 13.5.

Ventura 13.5.1. Followed Paul’s suggestions on settings for ripping, any new (right out of box sets) cd’s were recognized and starting ripping, after a few tracks got “waiting”, program freezes and has to be force quit. Ended up using Music which worked. All cd’s ripped to 2TB usb which i than put into Nucleus for folders to watch (works fine)

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Stupid question! Is DBPoweramp also a library? Or do I also need to get a library app?

OK, thanks - if this is a universal issue with 13.5.1 I’ll assume there will be a fix in the works, and stay on 13.5.

Care to enlighten me as to why that was a stupid question?

Well, i’m guessing most folks on this site have most likely sorted this basic stuff out years ago. Therefore I’m publicly admitting I’ve been living under a rock when it come to computer audio.

What do you mean by a library app?

Dbpoweramp is only a ripper. It will access the Internet when you insert a CD and most albums should have the correct information added to the tag by default.

Dbpoweramp comes with a companion app called Perfecttunes which is a very good tagger.
I’ve used this for tagging the albums that Dbpoweramp didn’t recognize.

Can you not re-purpose the ROCK for Roon

Sorry couldn’t resist :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :joy:

My streamer vote would be a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 , I used the V1 for literally years but gave up as it wasn’t Roon Ready The V2 is


I love my CXNv2. Not just because it is Roon Ready or has an excellent sound quality, but it also provides more digital inputs. I have more devices digitally connected than my CXA81 can handle by itself.

Agreed. I used to have a NAS, which was a pain to manage. When it died I replaced it with a 6TB USB drive directly attached to my Windows Roon Server (Core) which requires zero management.

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