Looking for a Roon endpoint, I think that's what I need :)

I have Roon core running on a windows 10 PC that I am using for my 2 channel system which uses the Cocktail Audio X45 as the end point then going to Musical Fidelity 500 watt amplifier and Focal Kanta 2s. I have my older home theater system in another room using the Anthem AVM 60 processer, separate parasound amps and B&W CM 10s2 speakers. Trying to figure out if I can purchase roon ready end point that I can connect to my Anthem? Any ideas?


Similar setup, I use a miniPC with full Windows roon install connected to roon server hooked to avr. That way you can see full roon now playing display on tv. And/or control it with wireless keyboard/mouse.

Depends on budget and whether you can run an Ethernet cable to it or need to go WiFi?

Probably from $50 upwards depending on whether you can “diy” a little or just want a ready to go out of the box type of deal.
Give us a bit more to go on😉

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So I just figured out I can use my Apple TV 4K as an end point. Tried it and it works great!


Does not get any cheaper or more convenient than that!
Enjoy your music!

Except you’re limited to 24/48 with Apple TV4K.

Probably still sounds excellent…and it was free…lol.

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It sounds good. I don’t use it as an end-point very often, but it also works great with the display app when using my Meridian Prime and headphones.

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I know it could sound better if I had higher quality end point so any suggestions?

Refer you back to post #3 then☺️

Budget? $50 - $18,000.

Ropiee to Aurender.

More info: I can do Ethernet connection and budget would be less than $500. Assume I need to pay a bit more in order to improve from the Apple TV quality.

Thanks for all of the quick responses!!!

I’m partial to Bluesound products but the Node is over your budget.

Check out these suggestions:

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I’m partial to a Raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne/similar hat. Works for me. Hope it helps.

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I have Bluesound PowerNode, Ifi Zen Stream and Matrix Audio Mini I-Pro 3 in my set-up and the PowrNode is an amplifier so that’s out (as well as a number of Pi based solutions)

In your price range there are the Stream and the Node that are generally available at short notice.
In general I think that the Stream sounds better and the Node is a better Streaming device.

If you Don’t mind tinkering then a Pi on it’s own or with one of the many hat’s available from Hifiberry and co will be great. Though again in my testing the Stream sounds better both with USB out to a DAC and on SPDIF. But I generally only recommend it for people who only use Roon and HQPLAYER.

If you want to use it for other services besides Roon then I generally would recommend the Node as the go-to solution.

If you want to top the sound of Airplay on your system, you need to determine if using a streamer via a SPDIF connection to the DAC in your AVR processor will improve the sound. The streamers mentioned in the above post will enable you to do that.

It could be the case that in order to bump in the sound quality over Airplay, you need to try a setup with a different DAC. In your price range, a Bluesound Node II would work. You could also try Raspberry PI based solutions which have DAC’s hats. Another option would to use a basic Raspberry PI and connect it to a USB DAC made by Schiit Audio, Topping, SMSL or other manufacturers. You could stay close to your budget depending upon which DAC you purchase.

Like Michael, I own a Matrix Mini I Pro 3, which is a Roon Ready streamer/DAC. It is a great sounding, well built device but it is quite a bit over your budget. If you want to consider something that is a step up, you should check it out.

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A pre-loved Node off eBay. If your budget is tight. Unless you want to go down the Pi route.

I’ve added a little Topping E30 DAC with a Rpi and Digione hat to my old (2012) Yamaha Aventage and it’s stunning. Easy under Aus $500.

DAC and Rpi are powered with Allo Shanti and it’s even sweeter. So nice to hear the Wharfedales play again.

I have a bluesound node 2i and a Cocktime N15 (less than 500 of ebay)…I like the cocktail time better…I do not use their software, just the hardware. the Node is ok , but again, their software is not very good.