Looking for an entry level Roon NUC

New to Roon.

Currently installed Roon app (incl. core) on my windows laptop.
Looking for a cheap (preferably used) pre-installed roon server nuc (smallest footprint).
Please recommend or suggest/offer HW and SW (roon server) solution/platform for a very small library.


Welcome to the Roon community!

I started my Roon journey just a few months ago. With regards to an NUC, I purchased a used Intel NUC from eBay UK (the seller just happened to be a lovely member of this community!) on which I would install ROCK. It has all worked wonderfully well for me thanks in no small part to the members on here who patiently answered questions and provided guidance along the way.

Here is my thread about my Intel NUC journey:

I too have a fairly small local library.

Here are some notes I took when I started my Roon journey with an Intel NUC and ROCK:

Intel NUC (ROCK)

ROCK Install Guide: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/rock-install-guide

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Will look on ebay