Looking for bulk delete of duplicates

Roon Core Machine

Fanless Corei7 NUC running ROCK latest version
NAS (Synology DS1819+) for storage (570,000 tracks - 32,000 albums)
Grimm MU1 as roon endpoint only

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All ethernet connecting Zenwifi XT8 router and access points

Connected Audio Devices

Grimm MU1 - ethernet
Raspberry Pi4 - ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

For reasons unknown, some of my DSD, DSF, DXD albums were not picked up by the library scan.
At the same time, most of my liibrary additions these days are either DSD/DSF or HD Flac (each of which fileformat has its own directory on my NAS).
For speed’s sake when adding and rescanning the library, I created folders in Roon for DSD and HD, on top of the existing ’ Synology/Music/Lossless audio’ directory I originally used.
Now, roon is re-adding all of these albums to the existing album count (a total of 158,000 tracks which for the most part were already in the library).

I am looking for a feature which allows me to delete duplicates in bulk. Something like a button ‘Delete/Hide duplicates’ which would allow me to remove duplicates in the same file format.
A ‘nice to have’ feature would be the option to remove/hide the same files in a file format ‘same or lower than’ (e.g.: if I have an album in 2 DSD copies, plus a flac copy, plus a 320 mp3 copy, I could delete all save 1 DSD copy).

Did you move your files to the new folders that you created, or did you copy?

If you move files in your watched storage, Roon adapts its database, but will not change your Library (i.e. will not add versions …)

For bulk delete, you better do that outside of Roon in your desktop ( Windows, Mac, ???)

If you delete files in your watched storage, their corresponding version will be removed automatically.

Try 1st with a couple of albums to check Roon´s behaviour.
Do not forget to Clean Library after you are done (or even in between if you are deleting a lot if files)

I may have explained incorrectly.
The files on the NAS only exist ONCE. The folder structure on the NAS has also not changed.

Only the folder structure in the Roon watched library has been modified.
On the Nas, I have a folder structure like this:
\diskstation\music\lossless audio

\lossless audio contains folders like Flac, DSD, HD, etc.

In Roon, I was watching \lossless audio, which netted 32000 albums
But I noticed that Roon was not picking up some of the DSD and DSF files.
I also noticed that rescanning the entire library, when I am only adding one or two albums in HD, was time-consuming.

SO: I added a separate folder to watch for:
\diskstation\music\lossless audio\DSD

\diskstation\music\lossless audio\HD

Note that no files were move or copied on the NAS.

But ROON now adds all of the albums in DSD and HD as new additions, increasing my library with what are no doubt thousands of duplicate albums.

the duplicateness (making up words now) ONLY exists in Roon, which is also where I am hoping to clean it up.

Hope that makes more sense.

You should not make subfolders.
Instead, you should have folders at the same level.

This is how I have done it:

So if you move your DSD folder 1 level up (same for HD folder) your issue should be solved:

\diskstation\music\lossless audio

Thanks, I’ll look at that !

OK, I moved the folders for HD and DSD up 1 level on the NAS, so they now each sit in \music:
When I did that and re-launched Roon, of course I had to edit the folder location to point them to the new location as above.
However: I still see 7600 albums MORE than I had before I made the first change of creating separate subfolders inside Lossless.

In other words: I am still showing a lot of albums which should be duplicates, but search does not turn them up. Ans some of my DSD albums don;t show up AT ALL in search, even though I can clearly see them in Roon on the album view. Example: Miles Davis - Kind of Blue. I have it in DSD64 and in flac 192/24. When I search for it, the DSD does not show up. When I browse to my album list view, it is clearly there.

Search seems messed up.

Ok, now I am seeing something I’d never seen before. The number of albums is slowly going down, as if the database is cleaning itself up in the background.
Interesting… Let’s see where we end up.

Database did indeed clean itself up and album count is back to normal (31000). Thanks to @Dirk_De_Taey for offering the solution!

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Please do not forget to make a complete new backup using Force Backup Now

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Thanks. Done.


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