Looking for plug and play streaming to replace my SBT. Node 2i?

Too many problems with my SBT. Is the Node 2i the best choice in the $500 price range? I currently have the SBT connect via USB into my Oppo 105. I guess with the node 2i I’ll just connect it into my Marantz AVR 7005? Obviously I want it to be Roon ready. I’m open to hearing opinions or other thoughts. TIA

Are you using analog out of your Oppo to receiver and speakers? If so, I would not want to give that up. I would find something that allows the Oppo to stay in the loop.

Yes. Oppo to my AVR via analog, SBT connected to Oppo via USB (using EDO). I also have to SBT connected to my AVR via analog(when I feel like bypassing the Oppo.
Away from a Raspberry PI, would else should I look at?

I replaced my two Squeezebox Touches with Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamers and am extremely happy with them. The DAC in this streamer is exceptional and sounds far better than the SBT could. I’m using my PecanPi Streamers with Ropieee as the simplest and most reliable means to stream Roon via ethernet. Works perfectly and is completely reliable.

If wishing to stream sourced from USB rather than ethernet, then check out the new PecanPi USB (caveat, haven’t used it but I suspect it’s using the same high-quality DAC and it’s currently in preorder at a nice price).

Best of luck!


Thanks. That does look sweet. So I guess with that DAC, I can connect it directly to my AVR via analog? If so what are the limitations on streaming resolution?

If you go analog from your DAC to receiver, then analog from the receiver to speakers, the limitations will be those of your DAC, whatever it is.

Thanks. The mention PecanPi streamer specs 24/192. I was under the impression that DAC’s only achieves that through async USB?

Yes, the PecanPi Streamer will stream at 24/192 without a problem.

@Jim_F . Thx. If I wanted to keep the Oppo in the loop, couldn’t I conned the node 2i to the Oppo ? I’m pretty new to using Roon other than LMS, so forgive the newb questions.

Yes, if the Nodi 2i output matches up with an Oppo input.

Yes the node has a coax output.