Looking for Polish users of ROCK - need assistance on setup

Hello ROCK users,

I’m looking for Polish speaking user as I need some help on setup.

Please contact me here or in private.


Moved this to support as more people look there.

Hi @Artur_Bogdanowicz,

What kind of help are you looking for? While we don’t have anyone on our support team who speaks Polish, we can use Google Translate to help answer any questions you might have.

Jakiej pomocy szukasz? Chociaż nie mamy nikogo w naszym zespole wsparcia, który mówi po polsku, możemy użyć Tłumacza Google, aby pomóc odpowiedzieć na wszelkie pytania.

Dylan, thanks for your reply. I have no problem with English language, I’m just looking for someone to talk quickly in Polish about few matters. If I dont find anyone I will come back to you and forum, Thanks,

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