Looking for Roon Remote

New to Roon. Looking for largest Android tablet as Roon Remote that has good signal pickup. I will only use it for music, so don’t need any bells and whistles, just something that has good screen resolution and is fast. Thank you.

I like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019). It has good speed and a good price.

Daft question but does the 10 in have OpenGL 3, my Tab A 6 in version doesn’t so got retired in one of the last updates

My iPad has a rapidly failing battery so I am also thinking of a 10 in replacement, 6 years of constant use isn’t bag I suppose

Yup it does. Check the specs on GFXbench

I like the latest generation iPad mini myself. That’s my favorite Roon Remote but the OP wanted Android.

I have the smaller iPad pro, and it’s a fantastic little machine. The display is amazing. Displays keep getting better and my eyes are slowly getting worse. :frowning:


Just use your phone. The app works very well. Of course any tablet will be even better. Most windows surface computers are in effect “tablets” by simply detaching the keyboard, thus, your “core” can serve as your control tablet too!