Looking for Roon Streamer with 44.1 or 48khz COAX output

I think you have totally misunderstood. It’s only as shown below.

There shouldn’t be any other way. No Logitech Mediaserver mode. And if you happen to have Logitech Mediaserver installed, please remove it from your network. That will cause problems if I remember correctly.

If you have a network issue, it for sure won’t disappear removing Squeezebox support. Make sure your Touch has latest firmware.

You may describe your network.

Yes that is pretty much what I do, it is my understanding this emulates a Logitech server and is why you can not have an actual Logitech media server online at the same time.

Dont get me wrong it works great much of the time just not quite as rock solid as a dedicated Roon player.

If you’re looking for a really good endpoint / streamer solution, you could go with something that’s having USB out, and then add a SPDIF converter.

That’s what I’m doing, as I’m in same situation as you. No USB DAC.

Both Singxer and Gustard has fairly priced converters that’s having top SQ, and can further be improved by external clock. I think such a solution would be hard to beat.

Denafrips may be an option.

Suggested endpoint would be one of the Sonore’s Rendus. But you could consider reasonable options. (But take time to read some Sonore reviews).

Adding a good power supply, your looking at something just below 2K.

Adding top digital chain will bring out the very best of your DAC.

I have the same issue steaming to Meridian speakers - the older ones only accept digital coax SPDIF inputs. I looked into USB/SPDIF converters but wasn’t convinced about adding an extra step in the signal path. The Bluesound Node 2i works well for me as a Roon endpoint, plug’n’play, and is £549 (current UK price).

Curios on why you want to replace the Squeezebox. The Coax out works terrific on those. Plus you have remote control and touch screen. I used one to feed my Chord Qutest. I’ve also used raspi with HiFi Berry coax output HAT with good success. I like seeing the artwork displayed on the end point so I added screens to the raspi devices. Making them raspi based Squeezebox devices.

I completely agree!

Through some radical network wizardry (putting all my music systems on a dedicated vlan for those that understand) my Squeezebox touch is rock solid again and I am less worried about it being ancient as it can no longer compromise my main network,

I guess I can punt on the new unit for a little while longer. I may even dig out by old Squeezebox 3s and yes they are still Squeezebox branded!

Did it have any known vulnerabilities?