Looking for something that may not exist

Does anyone know of a RoonReady streaming SACD player?

If it’s not a question of ideology but technology, then may be that not worth to limit yourself to “Roon Ready” stuff?
“DLNA ready” SACD/network streamer would be good enough may be: iFi Bridge - A UPnP / DLNA app solution for playback on Roon

I think it is worth looking on the net: RAAT vs DLNA.

But if RAAT is “must have” - look at the “dCS Vivaldi One” - but “love” cost money…

If not, it only takes a small endpoint to get Roon to stream to it.

Maybe one of the Oppo Universal Disk Players?
Sadly, they are out of production, but you may be able to find one used.
Probably for several times the original retail price.