Looking forward to hearing new Oppo 205

I receive my Oppo 205 on Friday, and cant wait to begin testing Roon with Tidal over the weekend. Unfortunately my Apple 4k TV discovered my HDMI cable was not up to the task so I need to go into the walls and replace it for a Ultra Premium one. I can’t wait to hear it and wonder how it will compare to Tidal on my Oppo 105D, excited and hope it sounds even better?

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I have tried 10 DACs against the oppo 105… and none proved… better enough to pay for. I am curious if the 205 has acheived this improvement.
Let me know how it goes.

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I will let you know Jeff. I needed 4k HDR and I miss streaming Tidal so this was a hard move for me. I am really hoping Roon will be a good solution for me and I don’t like change when something is working. I should have it all up and running by the weekend so I will include photo’s and a review of the sound. Fingers crossed.

What happened with your pics and review?