Looking fwd to using the Squeezebox displays again!

1.3 Released today, looking forward to seeing my transporter lit up again.

Daft I know…but it’s the little things… :slight_smile:


Show us a pic or too…maybe I might just drag out the sb3 and duet again…

Sadly the sb3 no longer outputs audio but maybe just as a what’s playing to the duet would be good

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Clock when in Standby…

Playing away with VU meters on…

Another view…


Cool! Squeezebox to good use with Roon :slight_smile:

Hadn’t heard anything better than the Transporter into my Dac…so glad Roon has full support for it.
Gave it a new lease of life!

24/96 is more than enough :wink:

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Anyone else that wants to share their Squeezebox setup with Roon 1.3?
Pictures are highly appreciated.

Btw, you can still find them for not that high prices

And the specs are not that bad either :slight_smile:

DAC: AKM AK4396 multibit sigma-delta D/A, 120dB dynamic range, 120dB SNR (A-weighted), -106dB THD+N
Connectors Digital Outputs: 15 picoseconds intrinsic jitter (standard deviation), coax, optical, BNC S/PDIF, and balanced AES/EBU
Digital Inputs: Coax, optical, BNC S/PDIF, and balanced AES/EBU inputs that can be used to drive the DAC, network streaming, or pass-through
Display: Dual 320 x 32 grayscale vacuum fluorescent displays with multiple text, spectrum analyzer, and VU views
CPU: 325 MIPS eight-way multithreaded, 8MB audio buffer and SlimDSP
Network: Wi-Fi: 802.11g
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
Codecs: WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, FLAC with 24-bit resolution, and 44.1, 48, and 96kHz sample rates
System Requirements: Ethernet or Wi-FI network
Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later; Linux, BSD, Solaris with Perl 5.8.3 or later
Electrical Requirements AC: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Consumption: 10W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17" x 3" x 12.25" (43.3cm x 7.2cm x 31.1cm)

Hey. I am excited by this as well. Hover, the screens on my SB3 and TP only show with the smallest font. I cannot increase the size with my SB remote. Any idea on how to increase to largest size (the only size I can see from my listening position)?

Dont think you can John?

The size toggle thing was built imto LMS and I dont think Roon text renderer uses a function like this.
Early days…maybe for 1.4? :slight_smile:
I like that you can toggle screen brightness and swap between display modes using the original remote though, thats cool.

I decided to join the Roon community because of its developer’s decision to support Squeezebox devices. Thanks to Roon, I am able to bring new life to my SBT and Transporter which had been sitting around unused most of the time. The 1.3 upgrade has brought more functionality to my Transporter as can be seen from Gaz_Jam’s pictures above.
Thank you Roon!


Squeezebox support was one of the major features that drew me into Roon in the first place. Now that the vacuum fluorescent displays of pre-touch and pre-radio Squeezboxes are supported I am a really happy listener!

One thing: I cannot find a way to turn off the VU meter or spectrum analyzer on my Squeezebox classics. Do I overlook something?

Wow! Beautiful setup Gaz_Jam.

Seeing those Transporter screens with life is making me regret my decision to let my trial lapse. :pensive: I have multiple SB3’s and a Transporter, a Boom and a Touch - so this is good news and a great looking implementation from the Roon Labs team.

hmmm… now where’s that wallet of mine :smirk:

Will the time and date show on the Touch now if connected to Roon?

Nevermind I can see it works. I was hoping to use the SBT as a “display only” for music playing and keep the RPI as the audio output but you can’t group them. Oh well the SBT will have to stay as a clock for now.

What about using squeezebox emulator software on the Pi, if Roon sees the Touch and the Pi as squeezeboxes and not 2 different things, would you be able to group then?

I am running SBT with EDO. DSD64 & 24/192 is working fine. SBT is connected to external DAC by USB.

Yep probably but prefer Dietpi for audio. The SBT has always been a bit unstable for me where as the RAAT/Dietpi solution just works all the time. Also I have a linear PS for the Pi so this may be helping.

Same problem here. !!