Looking to move to ROCK

Hi Folks,

I currently have the Roon core on my ageing iMac. I am looking to move to using ROCK, and have the following in my Amazon shopping basket.

The Roon DB will go on the smaller 128 GB drive and my small collection of local rips will go on the 256GB internal drive.

Is this a valid set of components for installing ROCK? I am pretty sure it is, juts looking for confirmation!

I have a pretty modest library, mostly using Qobuz, with about 650 albums in total (about 100 ripped and the rest from Qobuz). I am sure 4GB will do fine but it was almost as cheap to get 8GB. I currently only have one Roon ready endpoint and a few Airplay devices (no DSP or advanced filtering etc…). From what I have read this should give me great performance and some decent headroom for growth of my library.

Thanks for any feedback, I may well ask further questions once the hardware arrives!


Just bought one of these in the i5 model
From memory, it only had one M.2 slot, I added a 2TB SSD drive with mine.
Just check the specification to make sure you can put that other M.2 in it.

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are these barebones that expensive in the UK? :open_mouth:

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pretty much… Amazon was cheaper than Simply Nuc and iCubes…

This case will allow a second M2 to be installed :+1:t2: (edit: no it won’t, see below)!

Ah I missed the model number on the end, mine had the SSD bay.
It should be a great little device in that case

just checked in my country, the nuc prices moved up, and not by a small amount. The chip shortage is the problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

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What case? Roon supported NUCs are either tall or short. The tall models/cases have one M.2 and one 2.5” SATA slot each. The short models/cases have only one M.2 slot each.



Aaaah… I knew the “H” in the model number allowed a second drive, I assumed it would be another M2… are you saying the second drive would need to be a standard 2.5” SSD?

yes the second drive is a standard 2.5 inch SSD

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It will be cheap so no issue for you.
I thought I had never seen a Nuc with dual M.2, but it would allow a tiny device if it did

Hi Mark, fellow newbie here. :slight_smile: I put together my first ROCK yesterday too, although I picked up a nuc8i7 from the secondary market. Popped it into a fanless case and was all fairly straightforward… That is aside from battling with hooking up to the smb share via Windows, good you have a mac as simpler I believe. Pleased to have one up and running.

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Thanks for feedback everyone, managed to avoid an annoyance with the second drive thanks to your feedback, have added in a Crucial 2.5 inch SSD (240GB) for the second slot and removed the M2. All ordered up!

I will let you know how I get on…



Good news.
Have a look at this when you are ready to install, as I went through this with my new NUC a few weeks ago, and put it together to help a couple of people working on their first NUCS

Thanks Michael,

I was wondering if I needed to update the bios itself before anything else… sounds like this should be “step 1”.

Roon’s knowledge base describes “updating the bios”, then just talks about updating the settings in the bios, rather than updating the bios itself. I have located the appropriate bios update file for the NUC I am purchasing so should be all set…


Mark good news.
The Room article is a bit out of date, which is why I put something together, as there are a lot of NUCS just come into play.
It also explains turning on legacy mode which is sort of painful (they don’t want you doing it). Hopefully RoonOS 2.0 will fax that.

Hopefully this points you in the right direction and makes it quicker for you

Yes, I saw the link relating to gen 10 NUCS where you have to do some tinkering to “disable modern standby” and allow legacy boot mode to be selectable in the bios.

Fingers crossed!

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Well, I don’t want to speak too soon, but things are going well!

I have configured the BIOS, installed ROCK, updated ROCK (even though the image was only a day or so old… how often does ROCK update??), added the ffmpeg codec and formatted my internal storage. I am now watching as my ripped music travels over my network to the internal storage of the NUC. Once that is done I will restore my database and should be good to go! About 70GB of music to go… tick tock tick tock…

Once I am set up, I would like to configure a scheduled backup of my database, can I choose the internal storage as a destination for this (obviously I would use a separate folder to where my music files are stored)?

By doing this I can periodically copy this folder to my Mac, from which point Backblaze will create a remote cloud backup. Maybe I could use Carbon Copy Cloner to automate this overnight? My music files will be backed up from my Mac anyway, so I am only concerned about setting up the database backups in an efficient and reliable manner.

Feedback on these musings greatly appreciated!


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Doh! Just realised why copying the music was so slow… I took out the ethernet from my Mac to connect the NUC to the router, so the Mac was using wifi… going faster now…

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