Looking to upgrade my Sony HapZ1-ES for a better Network streamer/DAC with Roon


I have my music (1TB) on my iMac in my Home Office. My Audio gear is in my living room -

Sony HapZ1ES Streamer/DAC/Hard Drive wifi to iMac
Luxman 505UX amp
Harbeth C7 speakers

I love the sound of my system, but the closed system and poor UX on Sony HapZ1Es is annoying.

Also tried the Roon recently and love the interface.

So looking to replace my Sony streamer with some kind of network streamer/DAC that I can operate with Roon. I am willing to go upto $5K for quality gear - and prefer as few separates as possible.

Advice welcome - thank you in advance…


Lumin DACs get a recommendation. This thread was about upgrading it but turned into a ‘replacing it’ thread:

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