Loosing connection to roon core

Are there any network specific settings - either on rock, my router, or local playback remote that can interfere with the connection to the roon core? IF so, what should I check out first?

Roon has been working fine for me for over 3 years and now something is causing it to lose the connection to the core. It’s random and will simply stops playing and displays the message, to the affect; ‘Cannot connect to roon core…’. It does reconnect after about 30 seconds, but does not restart the track.


If you notice, the Server is running 4 hours while the OS has been going for over a day and a half. My guess is that something is causing the RoonServer to restart. Do you have a good backup? If not, then I’d make one first thing.

Setting a static IP from within the ROCK device is just asking for trouble.

If you must set a static IP, do it from within the router software so DHCP knows about it.


Taking backup now. Any idea of what that something may be? This is a new phenomenon, using the same IP address and NAS storage device. Nothing has changed with my system.

As it turned out, the static IP seems to be the culprit. I changed to DHCP and so far it seems to have worked. I’ve been listening for a couple hours this morning and the connection hasn’t dropped once. May be too early to tell for sure, but before it never made it past a few tracks before crapping out. This is progress. :slight_smile:

If for some reason it raises it’s ugly head again, I’ll try setting another static IP address at the router end.
Thanks to @Rugby Rugby for reaching out and providing another solution he’d read about where a user had a similar situation with the Nucleus.

Hopefully, all is good, and I can get back to enjoying the music.

You’re welcome.

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