Losing Connection to Antipodes Server

I have a problem similar to what was described by the original poster.

I have an Antipodes DX with a 1 TB disk holding part of my music. I have a Gbit connection to a QNAP NAS which holds the remainder of my collection

Until the last upgrade the past week, there was no problem with disconnection/dropout/lost connection to the core - to be precise, maybe two in the past 16 months.

The NAS is attached as an external Folder through the Add Folder. It is connected with \servername\music\ and has worked fine for two years. I detest the fact that Roon requires a complete import and goes through all that rigmarole to not import anything but it did not stop me listening to music so I could put up with it.

Diagnostics on the Antipodes show no issues there. Roon Ready version is 1.1.20 Roon version 1.3 build 274.

Test 1. Roon took over 2 minutes to show anything more than the jiggly Roon logo. It used to be seconds until the update
Test 2. The phone app spent a minute showing a loading screen for the previously played album then lost connection. Same behaviour as the PC version. Both the PC and the phone version of the program then reverted tot he jiggly Roon icon and showed (simultaneously) the previous screen used on the respective program/app. Disconnection after about a minute. Reconnected 40 seconds later. Checking the scanning/adding about 480 tracks showing as being imported. Disconnected again and jiggly icon … repeated this pattern for over an hour while I watched the screens. All or most times it reconnected, the scan restarted from scratch.

I see a large workload on the Antipodes while importing the files. It imports 50k files and then proceeds to analyse them and add none to the Roon database because there are only occasional changes when I buy more music. I have not loaded new music in the past week. During the time it takes to analyse and (not) import all these files, I cannot play music without a dropout; requiring a wait until the Roon program (PC or iPad are the same). This wait can be 3 seconds or as long as 20 minutes. If I can access the Roon interface, it is usually only for a few seconds to a minute at a time.

I have watched the importing process and have seen the number of files being “imported” reduce to a hundred or less only for the rescan to kick in and the whole thing starts again. Access to Roon to change options for importing is not possible during disconnections and any disconnection cancels what ever I was doing on top! This means the interface stops me from being able to correct whatever issues might be improved by changing settings (some of which may have altered in the update). Each time it imports and scans, there seem to be different numbers of files, clustering around two numbers about 500 apart.

Essentially this means I cannot any longer listen to music. Nothing else has changed except the Roon update. Nothing was wrong before the Roon update. The problem observed happened immediately after the update and has continued since.

My additional testing was to:
Disable the connection to the NAS (Storage-folders) and there fore stop the scanning and fake adding etc.

Now I can listen to the music on the local disk in the Antipodes but not to the larger collection on the NAS.

This is probably diagnostic of the problem residing around the scanning-adding etc when doing the initial scan of the NAS connected drive.

As far as I am concerned Roon has taken over a $20k worth of my equipment and prevents me from listening to my music.

Hi @Peta_Guy — Thank you for the feedback. Appreciated.

Moving forward, I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so we can try to get a better sense of what is going on with your Roon setup but first, I would like to kindly gather the following information from you:

  • When you disabled the connection to your NAS and were only accessing the media on the internal storage of the Antipodes Server, how did your remote devices respond? In other words, were you still getting drops in connections/slow loading screens OR did things stabilize?

  • Please provide the model of QNAP NAS you are working with and size of your musical collection being housed on the device.

  • From your report I understand that you have a “Gbit connection” to the NAS but can you please expand on this description and provide the exact details of how your NAS is communicating with your network/the antipodes server. I want to have a clear understanding of what the chain of communication looks like and all devices involved.


No disconnections at all in 6 hours continuous use once the NAS connection was disabled. If I re-enable the NAS conection the problems resume as described. Disable again and there are no problems.

TS 563 with RAID 8 TB of storage

Music is around 2.1 TB but a little hard to be precise.

The connection is via cables through the walls and gigabit switches. Antipodes - cable - gigabit switch (Netgear) - cable through the house - gigabit switch (linksys) - cable - NAS Speed of transfer between a laptop and NAS is 160 Mb/sec doing a file transfer. NAS uses dual ethernet ports. NAS utilisation during the scan/add process is 30-60% CPU, 14% memory, 11-15% network interface (11-15MB/sec), according to the system monitor on the NAS

Side observations:
I get differing numbers of files scanned whenever it completes scanning. The numbers vary between ~49800 and ~50500
The time that the disconnections occur coincides with a restart of scanning. Possibly indicating a restart of Roon or some other kind of refresh
There seems to be a longer period of operation without a disconnection immediately after re-enabling the NAS connection
On one occasion the scan completed and music played ok but then stopped and there was a disconnection from the core again.
I am fairly certain that during the disconnections access to files on the NAS stops completely. It is hard to line up the timing exactly but the performance monitor shows a close match between disconnection and no network activity on the NAS.
That is about all I had time for. I intend to go and buy a USB attached disk to add to the Antipodes and transfer the secondary storage to there. It will allow me to listen to all my music, I hope. Therefore I may not be in a position to test much more.

Hi @Peta_Guy ---- Thank you for the follow up and the insight!

While it’s hard to tell at this current time, at first “glance” the symptoms you are describing, especially with the NAS offline, sound like the result of conflicting IP addresses. Can you verify for me how your device are having IP addresses assigned to them?


DHCP exclusively. Remember, the problem was not there at all prior to the last roon core update. No changes had been made to the network and no IP leases expired (they are set to never expire) in between - according to the router logs.

Good news. I updated to the release of Roon that appeared yesterday and tested following the update. No problems with the NAS enabled. No disconnections. faster scan. Played HD music while the scan was in progress. All good again.

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