Losing connection to Brooklyn Bridge and fast playback

Roon Core Machine

Big Sur 11.4, Version 11.4, Mac mini, (M1, 2020) Chip Apple M1, Memory 8GB,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

xfinity router

Connected Audio Devices

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge(the only one with a problem and my reference piece)
sonos connect
marantz receiver preamp

Number of Tracks in Library

about 1000

Description of Issue

Over past week or two my Mytek Brooklyn bridge is not showing up as a source on Roon core or remote(iPad). I restart the modem and that usually fixes it(but why?) and sometimes a computer restart does fix it.(but why?) It is usually a 20 minute ordeal to listen to music anymore.
Now I noticed the speed of songs are playing at approx 1.25x the speed they should. Very bizarre and mostly frustrating. Any ideas?

What sort of processing are you doing to only get a speed of 1.25?

What I mean is the songs are playing back faster than they should. It is not double the speed but slightly faster. I can hear the pitch change and the cadence is noticably wrong. I got my timer out and my cd player to prove it. I played a song with my cd player and the same song through roon at the same time, and timed them manually. Both songs were listed as 3:19 long(199 seconds) and roon was finished in 2:40!!!(160 seconds) and the cd finished in 3:19 as it should. if I divide 199/160 I get 1.25(ish) so roon is speeding up playback by 1.25x
When this starts, it does it on every song I play. Tidal, Qobuz, MQA Flac etc. They all play too fast.
Something is wrong and that is not good!

Absolutely right. That is a problem. Are you in exclusive mode or using the device output out of the Mac?

I had a similar problem with my Brooklyn DAC when I was testing Apple Lossless on my Mac and had to manually switch sample rates in MIDI and the sample rates were not matched.

I do sometimes use the device output of mac and I have never had an issue but i rarely use that. the mytek is in another room via ethernet and I control it with my ipad for a remote

Hey @Aaron_Aungst,

I am so very sorry that we’re only replying today on this thread…I can only apologize for the delay. We didn’t think it’d take this long…:pleading_face:

I was wondering, has anything changed in the past month? How can we best help?