Losing Connection to Endpoints

I’ve started having intermittent lost connection to my networked endpoints. When the loss occurs, Roon loses the devices for about 30 seconds then they come back by themselves. I have to restart music playback, but it plays fine once the endpoint shows up again. Sometimes it happens once or twice in a listening session. Today it happened eight or ten times. Nothing has changed in my network or Roon setup since I set it up about three years ago.

Core machine is 1st Gen Roon Nucleus.
My most often used remote is a Win10 PC. I also use an IPad and IPhone.
Network is Xfinity gateway ethernet to tp-link powerline adapters to Nucleus.
Most used output is Win10 PC connected by USB to Modi DAC. Nucleus is also connected by USB to M.S.L. SU-8 DAC. Also use several Sonos speakers for playback.
Library is stored on internal SSD in Nucleus. Currently have about 2,000 albums on the SSD and about 1,500 albums streaming from Qobuz.

I eliminated the powerline adapters by connecting the Nucleus direct to my Xfinity gateway and had the same issue. So I don’t think the adapters are the problem. Also, when I lose connection to the endpoints, I can still see the Sonos speakers which are obviously not on the ethernet. Any suggestions from Roon staff will be greatly appreciated. This system has worked flawlessly for about three years, so I’m stumped why this is happening. It’s also difficult because it is so intermittent. It mostly works except when it doesn’t. Anyway, thanks again.

It’s still happening very intermittently. Just wondering of someone at Roon can read the logs and maybe tell me what’s going on?

Hello @David_Gibson, have you rebooted everything, including your router since this issue started? Do you have this issue playing to system output of the PC? Also, next time this issue occurs, please reply with a timestamp and what endpoint failed and we’d be happy to take a look!

Thanks for your reply. This problem is so intermittent it’s very hard to pin down. After I wrote the initial post I was able to play music all day with no problems. Then yesterday between 10:55 and 11:00 it dropped out six times. Usually the drop outs last about a minute. I lose all ethernet connected devices, but not my Sonos device. My internet connectivity seems fine both on my wired connections and my wireless. I reset my gateway/router and had no further issues for several hours. So far this morning it’s playing fine. Seems like it may be the gateway. If the problem resurfaces I will likely get a new gateway from comcast. Thanks again.

Hello @David_Gibson, and thanks for the update! I’d also recommend bypassing the powerline adapters to see if this issue can be reproduced without them. If the nucleus is connected directly to the router and this still occurs that would be an interesting data point to bring to our team.

As stated above, I eliminated the powerline adapters first thing by connecting directly to the cable modem. Since I rebooted the modem it has only happened one time. I’ve played for about four hours today with no problems. We’ll see.

My apologies @David_Gibson, please let me know if the issue recurs and if you can reply with a timestamp and the track playing at the time, that would be great!

So, no luck on the modem. I replaced the modem with an Orbi mesh system. Problem persists. I then had a brainstorm and replaced the cable from the modem to the Nucleus. I thought that fixed it, but no such luck. Next I plan to try wireless to the Nucleus. If the problem goes away, the only thing left is the Nucleus itself. We’ll see.

So I set up a RPi on Ropieee bypassing my PC as the endpoint. We’ll see if this works.

So the RPi has been playing most of the last three days with no problems. Seems like the dropouts are being caused by my PC as an endpoint. Problem solved.

Hello @David_Gibson, that’s awesome news! Let me know if the issue returns.