Losing netwok connection constantly

I seem to see a pattern.
I start Roon thru the Samsung phone.
It plays, the phone goes to sleep but when I wake it up, open Roon again, it searches for the core and it disconnects, stopping Roon.
Make sense?

Hello @Bernard_Aubin, these are great steps! Is the issue reproducible on another remote with these same steps for you?

Not very scientific test but, I used my Ipad to play Roon, closed it a few times, when it saw the Roon Core, the music still played.
Went back to the Samsung and it worked a few times then, when searching the Roon Core, it could no longer connect to the Bartok thru the network.
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 5.37.44 PM

BTW, once roon loses the network connection with my Bartok, it can’t find it on the network anymore.
I have to disconnect and reconnect the Bartok to get back to Roon as an audio device,

Hello @Bernard_Aubin, thanks for your patience while I discussed this with my team. Are you able to see the Bartok outside of Roon after Roon losses sight of it? Also, does it disappear when you’re using the iPad or just the Android?

By the way, did you have a chance to get the new core up and going?

I have the solution , thanks to Andrew at dCS.
He told me to go the the router admin page, and disable the router from ‘detecting devices’ in the UPnP section, save and reboot the router.
It is a Technicolor router for Comcast.
After hours of listening, no drop off, no netwok disconnection.
Many thanks to many here ho have helped trying to find a solution.
Never doubted Roon but needed some paths to troubleshoot.
Regards to all,

Awesome @Bernard_Aubin, thanks for reporting the solution! Let me know if you have further issues.

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