Losing the GUI after I minimize and resume player in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Every time I minimize the player when I restore it the GUI is entirely blank. The mouse still seems to be active though I can’t see anything.

I have all elements (control, core & output) installed on the same machine. It is an Intel NUC with an i5 and 16GB of RAM. I use this machine as a desktop as well.

That sounds like a graphics card driver issue …
I suspect the NUC has Intel HD graphics, can you check the latest driver is installed.

@Carl - agreed that it’s a graphics card/driver issue as described here. However, having the latest drivers is no guarantee of resolving the issue. All my software is up to date, but the issue still persists on one of my systems, I’m afraid…

Thanks for the link to the other thread.

@Carl - feel free to merge this thread with the other. Yes, my NUC does have an Intel HD Graphics card.

The difference for me is that even resizing the window does not restore the graphics. I’ll look to see if there are updated drivers and report back.

I updated the drivers on my NUC, but the problem is the same.