Loss of connection on Mac/over Wifi

Roon Server Machine

Mac Book Pro M1 2020, Sonoma 14.2.1 over WiFi or
A Windows machine, some Intel processor, over Ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Normal Vodaphone Router → small d-link ethernet switch → network acoustics eno filter

Connected Audio Devices

Gustard R26 Streamer/DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

maybe 40 or so, only use Qobuz

Description of Issue

For 2 weeks or so (new Mac OS or new Roon Version?) I have problems hosting the music streaming from my Mac book. After a few songs I lose connection, stopping the music. Sometimes connection is recovered and I can continue to play after a few seconds. From the desktop windows machine there are no problems. Before I also did not experice any probelms using the Mac as Core (I switch regularly between them). I uploaded the RoonServer Logs with the name “Daniel Guderian”. At these lines:

01/08 23:47:47 Trace: [zone R26] Loaded Queue=213 Tracks Swim=Inactive AutoSwim=False Loop=Disabled Shuffle=False

01/08 23:47:47 Trace: [R26] [Enhanced, 24/96 QOBUZ FLAC => 32/96] [100% buf] [PAUSED @ 1:01/4:29] Temptation - Diana Krall / Tom Waits
01/08 23:47:47 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 4 ms (cumulative 70184957 bytes, 43682 ops in 4413 ms

it disconnected last. I then continued from the Windows machine. There are like 7 more instances in the log from the day before.

Any suggestions on what to test? Anything else you need?
I didnt have any changes to the hardware recently. Only the OS and Roon updates.

Hoping for your help :slight_smile:


@Daniel_Guderian, welcome to the Community. Can you temporarily connect your M1 MBPro via Ethernet to your Vodafone router and determine if you have the same issues? If so, then some or all of the problem can be traced to a WiFi issue, but if the problem continues then another issue may be causing what you are experiencing.

Mh, so I was able to test that through a docking station. Thing is, first I had trouble connecting to the endpoint and music was not streaming to it. Then I restarted the roon server and now everything seems to be working fine again. Also, things are much more responsive on the Mac in general. I didnt think this would be the issue since I restarted the Mac already a few times. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I will now see if there are still any disconnects.

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