Loss of internal storage, NAS, and playback devices connection [Solved: Reset Database]

Hi there,

I am using Nucleus i5 as my Roon core. Have been a happy user until this morning. I woke up turning on my Linn Series 3 and flipping to Roon to listen to some music. I found I need to login again into Roon core. After I did so, I found my database was empty. The NAS ASD internal 4T ssd are shown connected but have no content to be played. I could not find any playback devises, literally none, not even my iPad or iPhone per usual.

I tried restart Roon server software, reboot, disconnect power cable, you name it. Didn’t work. By the way, I believe that the soft had been upgraded to the lasted 1.8 (build 806) over night when it ran at background.

Any suggestion or solution? Thanks!

ok, I tries all sorts of reset, reboot, plug and unplug of all the cables in my audio set. Rebooted my router/switch, etc. It seems that the settings are stuck and do not allow the platform to detect the playback devices and output ports (HDMIs on Nucleus are not detected, either). All I can do is to reset my Roon Database and Settings. This resets everything and indeed fixes the problem. It’s not supposed to be the solution to a well-engineered system, despite the fact that it’s still the best audio playback platform.

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