Lossless m4a ALAC files marked and "Corrupt" [Ticket open]

I’m evaluating Roon and after importing my lossless m4a ALAC library the great majority of tracks has been marked as “corrupt” and when playing, several seconds are removed from the end of such tracks. Neither iTunes nor Audirvana exhibit this problem and the files play just fine there.

I can provide sample tracks demonstrating the problem.

Using Roon Build 208 on OS X Sierra 10.12.3

I suspect @support will want to take a look at some sample files (if you have a Dropbox or similar you could upload some). Do you recall what was used when ?he files where first ripped.

In the meantime you could try re-coding (ALAC --> ALAC ) to see if that helps. I use dBpoweramp’s batch convert but there are other tools.

Hi @Jiri_Techet ---- Thank you for the report. Can you provide me a sample of the media in question via a PM containing a dropbox download link?

If you are not a dropbox user, no worries, just let me know and I can provide you with an alternative upload method.


Actually the files were first ripped as FLAC but then converted to ALAC as it has better support on Apple devices (unfortunately I don’t remember what software I used for the conversion any more). Re-encoding the files with XLD really helps but it would be good if this was fixed as others may run into this issue too.

Below is a sample of a file with the problem. Please let me know if you need more samples.

Here’s a link to the above-mentioned file once more - the forum sw seems to add some unusable player widget instead of the link.


Hi @Jiri_Techet ---- Thank you for the followup! Confirming that I have received the content and it is currently in my queue for testing. Once I have some feedback, I will be sure to follow up with you accordingly.


Hi @Jiri_Techet ---- Thank you for your patience here. I can confirm that I am seeing the same behavior on my end and a ticket has been taken out for our developers to investigate further as to what may be causing this behavior.

We appreciated your patience while we look into this issue.


I seem to be having the same issue. I have m4a files, basic files created by iTunes from a CD that are not showing up. Is this the same issue? Please contact me when this has been resolved.

Yours could be the same issue that I had. My library is mostly CD rips in Alac and I had a number of albums that were lacking one or more tracks. @Mike & co. were able to replicate some of the issues and found issues with the Alac decoder at the time. Later builds were better, but not entirely succesful. Some tracks remained missing and I also stumbled onto entire albums missing.

I my case the problem ended up being with the tag extraction. Whether the root cause was the ripping done by iTunes, Max or XLD, I do not know. Anyway, I found issues with 643 tracks out of 15823. From these two were obviously corrupt rips (small file size), two were unsupported files (DSD512) and the rest were skipped due to “failed_to_extract_tags”.

I you go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files, what does it show you? Here’s an example from mine:

Thankfully the solution in my case was a simple one, convert the skipped files to Flac. Each and every one of the tracks then showed up in Roon.



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Could you upload one of these files to Dropbox or similar? We can take a look.

If you don’t have anywhere to upload, just let us know and we can give you a way to upload them directly to us.

@jvall – we can take a look at yours as well. Thanks!