Lost all album, track, mix, etc graphics on Roon user interface screens

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus running version 1.8 build 988

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity latest gigabit modem hardwired ethernet connection to stereo system.

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin D-2 streamer to RME ADI-2FS DAC to Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated amp.
Mostly use Apple iPad as GUI which is running Roon V 1.8 build 880 (this may be the latest iPad build, i could not see an opportunity to update it).

Number of Tracks in Library

Less than 5,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I stream Tidal exclusively and starting a couple of days ago, I no longer get any graphics, album art, track art, recommended mix art, etc…on any of the Roon user screens. I can see the text/title information, but graphics are not being displayed.

In iPad app store, manually update (or reinstall) Roon Remote app.

Reboot the Nucleus and the iPad.

If that does not help, turn off firewall and IPv6 in the router, and set DNS to

Make sure you do not have any VPN app in the iPad - uninstall all of them.

Thank you Mr. Lie, that did the trick.

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