Lost all Roon Zones (Endpoints)

Dear Team,

After running Roon on my Synology NAS without a problem the last two weeks (I am new to Roon), all of my endpoints disappeared yesterday. I see only the device or Mac I am using at that moment as an endpoint.

Checked all firewalls, that looked ok. What ports do I need to open? Any idea? Many thanks!!

Hello @Sebastian_Stoss,

Welcome to the forum. Can you please try rebooting your NAS and let me know if that helps? If it does not help, can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio tab?

I even reinstalled the server again. I can‘t see the Apple TVs, Chromecasts, AirPlay devices. I see the Marantz DAC but this is hard wired. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Sebastian_Stoss,

Do you by any chance have Open vSwitch turned on in your Synology settings? This setting has interfered with Roon in the past so worth a check.

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Thanks a lot. That was the reason. I had to remove the virtual machine in order to switch off Open vSwitch. Thanks again.

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Happy to help @Sebastian_Stoss!

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