Lost Bridge 2 in Roon

I have a Nucleus + connected through my ASUS router
1/ to a Lumin U1 connected through AES to my PS Audio directstream dac
2/ to the PS Audio bridge 2

I see the Lumin in the Roon app, but not the Bridge.
The Bridge works because I can use it with Mconnect.
I tried powering off everything but it still does not appear.
Bridge is on DHCP.

Please power off everything including the router, Nucleus+, PS Audio, Lumin, and smartphone, and all network devices.
Power up the router, wait for 5 minutes, then power up the Nucleus+ and any WiFi access points or powerline network adapters you may have. Wait for it to boot up, then power up the rest.

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Hi Peter,

Thank you, I tried but still no Bridge in the Audio tab of Roon.

PS not a big deal because your Lumin sounds much better than the Bridge 2 :grinning:

PPS I have the following question about the Lumin:
I have noticed on the Lumin App that my firmware is 13.0a, released in June 2020, which doesn’t seem to be the last one.
I have always had « yes », for automatic updates in the app, and everything else seems fine.
Thank you for your help.

For reference:

About Lumin firmware upgrade, if it is not detected in Lumin app after both Lumin hardware and iPad are rebooted, please try running Lumin app in another mobile device. Please temporarily disable router firewall if you have that enabled.

If it still fails to detect firmware upgrade, I can send you manual upgrade instructions in private.

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@wklie HELP !!
I managed to load 3.14, but it won’t play any DSD file anymore !!

A DSD 64 does not play as such any more, I now have to convert it to, for example PCM 176,4.
This was NOT the case before !!
What is even more strange is that I can upsample a 44.1 file to DSD 64, and it plays correctly on the PS audio dac as DoP.
So why can’t à DSD 64 file play as DoP, like before ??
And I don’t see any setting in Roon or the Lumin app to choose DoP :slightly_frowning_face:

Please use Lumin app to upgrade to Firmware 13.4a

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Bug fixed, it works again.
Thank you so much for your super fast response and help !!
Amazing client support !


Back to the Bridge II. Based on the posts on the other forum, I suggest:

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Thank you Peter.

By the way, I tried engaging Leedh, comparing volumes at 99 (Leedh engaged) to 100 (off), and in my system, it is slightly better when engaged, at least on PCM files. It’s more difficult to A/B on DSD files, but Leedh sounds good there too.

I also tried upsampling with the Lumin, but prefer without.

Any idea why Leedh sounds slightly better, given that the PS Audio Direcstream Dac upsamples everything to quad DSD anyway ?

Two possibilities: 1. a case of intersample overs (that may occur in some recordings for some DAC - in that case setting volume 94 i.e. -3dB may be advantageous). That is pure speculation on my part, perhaps you may ask Ted Smith about it. 2. forced 24-bit signal (if you’re playing 16-bit music) if you’re using AES or SPDIF - but I guess that is unlikely to cause a change for PS Audio DAC.

This is not the first time I receive feedback from users saying slightly decreasing the Leedh volume sounds better than bit perfect to their DAC.

For volume on DSD, please set Roon to convert DSD to PCM first.

Use Roon DSP engine instead if you really want to, instead of Lumin internal upsampling.

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Thank you Peter, I will try 94.
I was using 99 to compare lossless/bit perfect versus Leedh.

I understand your point 1. but not your point 2. I am indeed using AES from the Lumin to the PSA, with all kinds of files. I noticed that Leedh upsamples 16 bit to 20 bit. What do you mean?

So for DSD files and using Leedh, you advise converting them to 176,4 / 24 in Roon, instead of letting the Lumin do it ?

Last question : I have a Matrix USB converter. Do you advise using the Lumin USB into it and then AES or I2S into PSA, or keep my current configuration, which is AES between Lumin and PSA ?

When you play a 16-bit file, by default Lumin AES outputs 16-bit format. Once you turn on Lumin U1 (MINI) Volume Control setting (even at volume 100), it is automatically output as 24-bit format to AES. You probably can’t see this from the DAC, as they may report the actual bits instead of the format metadata. Some DAC (not yours) do different things depending on the format metadata and could sound different.

Please do an A/B comparison and see which sounds better to you.

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Thank you.

For DSD files, when I turn on Leedh, I see that the Lumin transforms them into 176,4/24.
For DSD files and using Leedh, you advise converting them to 176,4 / 24 in Roon, instead of letting the Lumin do it, if I understand you correctly ?

Yes correct.

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Got it.
Thank you for all your time, advice and help !!

Is there a preferred output on the Lumin U1, or are they all the same ?

Usually this is a choice between AES and USB, and is DAC/setup dependent.

When you use AES output, you must disconnect the USB otherwise the AES will not have correct timing.

For DSD128 playback, you can only use USB.

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