Lost codec can anyone assist?

wonder if you can help me as I’m totally useless. Not sure what happened but kept loosing connection from roon and my Gato amp, one minute the audio player was there then not. Tried everything from unplug everything and restart to disconnect nuc and reload now when I try to play a track on tidal a it’s says “ could not play as required codec is not available??

I have a smal nuc with rock loaded and it’s worked perfectly for past 6 months.
Tried tonight and kept loosing Gato player connection although router and Ethernet wiring all connected and good and internet connection good

Do you know how I can fix this?
I’m not technical sadly

You may want to add the “ffmpeg” codec again.

See here info and download link.


Hey @ron_ferris,

We’re thankful that you’ve reached out to let us know of this issue. Our gratitude extends to @RBO for helping out right away :pray:

I wonder, at this time, is there anything we can do to help?