Lost connection to core

Bought a lifetime subscription and a nucleus because my Sooloos system was too unstable, Meridian no longer supports it, and I was told that Roon was better. Had it professionally installed because I am not a tech person, don’t want to be a tech person, don’t want to read forums, don’t want to invest hours describing my issue.

Is my best bet to ask for a refund and find out how I can return my nucleus?

Hey @Thomas_Davies,

I apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing in getting everything set up. I know this process hasn’t been as smooth as we’d like, and we’re looking forward to getting this resolved for you. With some additional insight into the issue you’re experiencing I’m confident we can figure this out for you.

Every support thread on this site is tracked by someone on our staff, and they frequently loop in senior staff or developers for feedback. Nearly everyone in our company spends time on this site. I can tell you that we stand behind our products and our support 100% and we work extremely hard to take care of our customers and deliver world-class support.

If you’re losing connection to the Core, this is probably one of two things:

  • Something is causing instability in your Core
  • Something about your network is making stable connections hard

The first one I can look at by enabling diagnostics. I will do that now and then I can let you know what I find.

The second one is going to require more information about your network and setup. If you can provide that information it will be helpful, but I’d also be happy to talk with whoever installed the system so we can get all the details and figure out where the problem is.

I’ll be in touch once we look at your diagnostics, but let me know how you’d like to proceed with regard to the details of your setup and we’ll go from there.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to get you up and running here.

Kind regards,

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