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It would appear I have lost connection between my core and library. Not sure how or when or cause but we recently had a power cut which might explain it although in the 4+ years I’ve been using this setup we’ve had a few power cuts without suffering this issue. The core is Intel NUC 7i7BNH based Rock and library is on a LaCie 6TB HDD connected to it via USB there are nearly 4TB of FLAC files on this. When I view storage location in Roon it shows “ROCK> LaCie” but it says “this drive is not available. Check the drive or edit this folder if its been moved”. I have checked the drive by plugging into my laptop and it is working and all files are accessible. I have tried the edit folder option but this shows nothing to edit. Roon is working using Tidal but I have no access to my library. Help please.

Also I can normally see the LaCie HDD in my network but although the folder is visible if I click on it I just get an “unavailable” message. What can I do please.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My network set up is based on a TPlink mesh system utilising 3 x Deco P9 units throughout the home and the NUC is connected via ethernet and a 6port switch to one of these units. I have roon remote on my android smartphone and 3 laptops: 2 W10, 1 W11. I use Nord VPN on all 3 laptops but not my phone. Hi-fi system is Bluesound NODE current model as streamer into Denafrips Venus 2 DAC., and also a second system using a NAD M10.

Cheers Andy


What is the file system on this LaCie, NTFS? The NTFS file system might not be clean after power cuts, and new versions (since build 254 in fall) of RoonOS in ROCK are using a better and stricter NTFS driver which refuses mounting unclean file systems to avoid corruption.

Thanks very much for your help, now sorted. Happy again.

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