Lost connection to Nucleus for no reason

All I did was turn the nucleus off, remove the usb SSD, replace usb SSD, turn Nucleus on, and then no Nucleus. I can see it via a Mac mini in the ethernet system, but not on the laptop.

No, I don’t want to start over from a backup.

Nucleus lower level
Ethernet to everything except client
TPlink router, network switch, LinQ, firewall in router that makes no difference
I am not sure what the operating system is since I can’t see it with my laptop. I updated automatically to last Friday.
Client is a Mac Powerbookpro, 2021, Monterey 12.2.1

Moved this to #support:nucleus-support for you.

have you been able to get to the http://nucleus.local page? Assuming you havent changed the core name and its not a nucleus+

you could also try the GUI via the IP adderess assigned to the nucleus. (replace with your address)

I’m just a user offering some things to try until @support can get to this.

how did you turn it off?

I turned it off by pressing its button.

I don’t think I can turn it on via the GUI…

if the unit is showing in mac you should be able to screen shot the web GUI this will show what is running.

failing that plug in an HDMI monitor/TV and power on the Nucleus and see what shows on the display at boot time.

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Whoopee, it came back, all by itself! Just now.


Maybe it was doing an update? Do a backup just in case :wink:


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