Lost connection to Nucleus+--unable to connect via SMB or web interface

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ 8TB SSD approx 1.5 years old

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk switch (working properly)
Connected via Ethernet (checked cable, working properly)

Connected Audio Devices

HDMI cable (tested, working properly)
USB 8TB external drive (recognized when plugged into Mac laptop)

Number of Tracks in Library

approx 200K tracks

Description of Issue

returning home after a couple of days away, I hadn’t yet updated to newest version of Roon. There appears to have been a brief power outage while I was gone, but Nucleus+ and all associated storage, switch, television and other audio hardware are all connected to good surge protectors. Upon launching Roon iOS and then Mac apps, all continually give “Searching for Roon OS Core” message.
Have tried power cycling, unplugging power cord, network cord, HDMI/external drive etc. Then tried SMB into Nucleus+ but Mac Finder says “There is a problem connecting to the server “NUCLEUSPLUS”–the server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network conection, and then try again.” and when I plug HDMI cable into television I don’t get any info. When I plug the last known IP address from my router for the Nucleus+ into a web browser, it tries, hangs for a minute or so and then gives me a “Failed to open” error. When I look at the router stats, it tells me the Nucleus+ is unavailable despite it being powered on, and lights on the network cable port flashing.

So…what now? @support

Was the Nucleus still powered down from the power outage when you returned home?

Have you tried to power cycle the Nucleus since then?

If not try a power cycle with the HDMI cable connected to see what is displayed.

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Hi Syd,

Sorry to hear about your issue, it is never fun returning home to a problem. Just a fellow user, my suggestion would be the same as Mike, to plug the nucleus up to a monitor, and reboot. If nothing is responding on the network, the next step is to get “eyes on” what the computer is posting.

@Mike_LC thank you—the Nucleus+ was powered on when I returned home, but no devices (Mac or iOS) would connect to the core.
@Rugby thank you—tried that a couple of times with a couple of different monitors—no signal being sent from the Nucleus.

Addendum—it also appears that the Nucleus is power cycling off after a while and then powering back on by itself. No rhyme or reason to how often that’s occurring.

Hi Syd,

Are you saying that it powered back on? Are you using the standard power brick that comes with it?

@Rugby Exactly. Yes, standard power brick.

Same problem, along with random Nucleus+ power cycling. I posted a week ago in @support and also submitted a ticket via email. I received an email reply indicating that a friendly customer service rep would be in touch, but it’s been a week and…radio silence so far. Hoping all with issues get them resolved soon!

Hi @Syd_Schwartz ,

I split your post out, as it looks like your Nucleus hasn’t communicated with our servers for 10 days, well before the last update. Have you tried to connect the HDMI output from the Nucleus to a TV or monitor? Do you see anything displayed there, and if so, can you share a screenshot?

Hi @noris
Unfortunately when connecting to HDMI I don’t see anything. I’ve tried with a couple of different cables to a couple of different TVs/monitors. I also can’t see the Nucleus anywhere on the network when it is plugged in and powered on–not via SMB, CIFS, or pinging the last known IP address via browser or Mac Terminal. When the network cable is plugged in (and I’ve tried a few different ones), the data lights are active, but still no sign of life otherwise. As mentioned in an earlier post, the unit also randomly power cycles, shutting off for a moment then restarting.

Hi @beka
Thanks for the reply. As I just posted to @noris and said in my email to customer support, I cannot access the Nucleus to get the logs. I can’t get any output from the HDMI, nor can I get to Nucleus via the network to get the logs. If there’s a way to directly connect my MacBook to the Nucleus and mount it like a USB drive perhaps I can give that a shot but I’d need instructions from you on how to do that.
Also, I’m a bit concerned about the unit randomly power cycling–it powers down and then powers up again without my having unplugged or pressed the power button. And there’s no rhyme or reason as to how frequently this happens.

Hi @Syd_Schwartz ,

This rebooting sounds like it could be a BIOS issue, it would be best to get this unit in for further inspection. I will follow up via private message requesting additional info.