Lost connection to Rock NUC core

Just an initial enquiry before I get specific with hardware details… whilst listening to Roon streaming from my NUC Rock core wired to router then WiFi to Raspberry Pi it often drops the connection to the remote device with the ‘lost connection…’ screen and this stops the music streaming. This mainly happens when I’m surfing on safari on the remote controlling iPad, and I know it’s going to occur as the web page freezes. Now I can see this is clearly internet network traffic issues but all the gear is in one room, and I can’t understand why the remote controlling device getting it’s knickers in a twist should stop the music streaming from core to pi?

Any clues where I should start trouble shooting? It goes days without an issue and I have managed to access the Rock web page whilst my iPad still says no connection and all appears to be well, no issues reported?

I"d wire the Pi so that there is no wireless hop in the playback chain.

Yes I’d thought of that, maybe that would stop the core getting upset with it’s duties when obviously the internet is grabbing loads of wifi activity. But I still can’t see the relationship with Roon Rock core streaming music to the Pi and it’s dropping the connection to the remote controlling device because that device is using loads of internet bandwidth? Like I say I’ve managed to interrogate the Rock and it’s still there, no connection lost at all, it’s only the remote control Roon software that loses it so it should be talking to the Pi ok? Maybe @support might have a reason why Roon behaves this way?

Hi @Tim_Woodward,

If you try to force-quit the Roon app and open it again, does that help when this issue occurs?

Hi @noris, by the time I’ve noticed the music stopping and switched apps to see what Roon is up to it’s usually just about connected again - leaves the music stopped though. Occasionally it goes on for ever and I swipe away the app but when I load it again it’s still looking - it always eventually finds the core again (usually whilst I’m rummaging about in safari trying to log onto the Rock web page - which always show all systems go!). When I say safari freezes, I mean it’s trying to load a page and the loading bar just stops, the app doesnt actually crash and freeze.

And when I say often I am exaggerating, it probably happens a couple of times in a week!

So it might seem maybe the extra wifi activity caused by my surfing the web whilst listening to music is just too much for Roon? As a multi-room solution I wouldn’t have thought this would be the case surely @noris ?

Hi @Tim_Woodward,

Can you please provide some more details regarding your network setup?
What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?
How fast is your ISP network plan speed?

Well I’m afraid that’s where the story ends @noris! :joy: As I have to recount I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme and whenever i mention that to Roon it’s game over! :woozy_face: Although of course the Airport plays very nicely with everything else, you reckon in your experience it’s not that happy with Roon (or vice versa).

Roon Rock on NUC 5i wired to Extreme, all other devices wireless 5ghz to avoid clashes as I live in a block of flats.

Just checked the internet speed and it’s 58.7 Mbps download/16.5 Mbps upload.

Hey @Tim_Woodward,

Yes, we explicitly mention staying away from Apple Networking Gear in our Networking Best Practices Guide, we’ve seen enough issues with these kinds of routers to explicitly mention them in our Knowledge Base:

Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device).

It sounds like you may have some network interference going on and the entire network stops working when the issue occurs.

I would at least try to switch the WiFi channels to something less congested if you don’t want to replace the router right now, you can run network channel scanning tools to find less busy channels.

Still though, a decent router can save you a lot of headache in the long-run and you can take it with you if you were ever to move.

Hi @noris yes I’ve got a network scanning tool and it reports no other 5G networks anywhere near me, I’m the brightest, greenest one there! Roon does get very busy, and not just with playing music - I’ve even known the connection to be lost just when Roon client is trying to load a picture for the now playing page - must be transferring tons of data? Anyway, nothing to be gained by pursuing this really, I’ve been thinking of simplifying my set-up for a while now - maybe a nice classic CD player and sod the network! :blush:

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Hi @Tim_Woodward,

I understand the reluctance to replace your router and I certainly can’t force you to. I do suspect that the Apple Router is at least causing part of the issues here, so if you have a chance to even temporarily test for the issue with a different router, we would be able to gather some great additional information. If you want to pick this back up in the future, please just let me know!

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I’m currently testing the Tp-Link M4 Deco mesh system @noris - seems to be working flawlessly so far! No lost connections as yet, in the bedroom or the lounge and a doddle to set-up with the dedicated app… :blush:


Hi @Tim_Woodward,

That’s really fantastic news! I’m hoping that all of the issues have been resolved, but do let me know how it goes after some more testing. Thanks for replacing the Apple router :slight_smile:

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