Lost Connection...Trying to Reconnect

Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit/ Latest Roon Build/i9 9920CX@3.5Ghz/32GB ram

Network Details

Ubiquite Unifi Dream machine using Wired Ethernet to Core and WiFi to Clients

Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i (Ethernet)
Using Windows 10 Core machine as client and also using iPad/iPhone (Latest IOS) as remote control
Library stored on Seagate NAS and Via Tidal. Nas is also connected via Ethernet

Description of Issue

My system has been happily humming along for weeks since the latest Roon update without a problem. Nothing has changed on my core machine or clients.
And suddenly “Wham”! Now everytime I launch a client app (IOS or Windows) the system launces and then a few seconds later, with no error message or symptom, simply closes the app and goes into an endless loop “Waiting For Remote Core”

I am guessing this has to be a network issue at my end, but it’s VERY strange because nothing has changed! Clearly the client apps can see the core on my network, because they connect (for a few seconds) and then lose connection.

Any ideas?

Hi @Peter_Myers1,

Whilst waiting for Roon’s support team to follow this up for you … may I suggest you reboot all your networking equipment and the Roon Core and see if that helps.

This statement sounds strange to me. No Windows updates? There where reports about issues with some of the latest Windows updates.

Thanks Carl
Yes I already did that…and in fact deleted and reinstalled Roon Core. Still the same issue :frowning:

Only the usual patch updates in the middle of each month, the last one being April 22nd.
Windows, feature update 20H2 is available, but I haven’t installed it.
Nothing surprises me anymore in the world of software, but I would be surprised (and disappointed) if a seemingly stable program like Roon is affected by a standard windows security patch…

Hi @Peter_Myers1

Are you running RoonServer and Roon on the Windows machine?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on Windows?

Hey Dylan
Yes I have been running server and Roon on my windows machine.
I am also primarily accessing Roon from my IOS devices.
Its difficult to post a screenshot because the screen "vanishes’ after about 2 seconds!

In essence, the app launches, loads of the main startup screen displaying my library Artists, Albums Tracks etc…and then vanishes with no warnings, error messages or anything.

It relaunches with a screen saying “Lost Connection Trying to Connect” and then connects to the server…and then vanishes again and repeats the entire process in an endless loop!

Today, in desperation I unistalled (again) the server and client from Windows, even removing the database and settings (which I didn’t want to loose!) and did a fresh install of just server on my windows PC.

I accessed the server from my iPad…and exactly the same thing happened again :frowning:

You might try this :bulb:

Record the screen on your iPhone or iPad

So for whatever reason, my problem seems to be related to the files on my Nas.
The Nas is connected as a storage area, and has been working perfectly for years with Roon…and now it isn’t!

If I reinstall Room Server and connect to just my Tidal account, everything works fine.
If I connect to the Nas storage location, everything works fine…for a time!
Roon goes into scanning library mode and identifies approximately 70 albums (I have about 750 albums) and then does its “disappearing act”

Its very frustrating because once the app has done its disappearing act, it does this every time I restart Roon within 2 seconds of the restart. No error messages, no indication of where the problem is…nothing. A very inelegant and unhelpful way of exiting the program!

At this stage, the only thing I can do is delete the Server, delete the database, and start again!

I am guessing that one of my albums must be corrupt and causing this problem, but I could be wrong, and without knowing which album Roon was scanning at the time of the crash I have no idea which!

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this???


If anyone from support is looking at this, here is a video showing the problem:
Roon Exiting

After multiple reinstalls of the software here is what I have been able to establish:

  1. If I install Roon Server on My 64 Bit Windows 10 PC, and then the IOS client app on iPad, the system creates a new “core” on my Windows PC, I can connect to the core from IOS (for a short while)
  2. If I also install the Roon app on Windows PC, the Windows app connects to the core (for a short while)
  3. The odd thing is when connected, even though Audio Devices within >Settings sees all my endpoints which are a combination of local endpoints, chromecast end points, network end point, and air play end points, I cannot select anything as an “Audio Device” to play other than air play devices!
  4. If I reboot the server, the client app (IOS or Windows) then goes into this endless cycle as seen in the video…loading, waiting a few seconds and then exiting!


Its been over a month since you asked me to share a screenshot of the problem, which I did!
Is anyone going to look at this or shall I just cancel my Roon account on the basis that it doesn’t work for me!