Lost database Help

So basically my old library is gone, if I did not have a Roon backup? No way to salvage at least the album ratings?

Hi Alexandre

Do you need support help, if so I can move your post to the support thread. Not many will see it here.

What seems to be the issue? Did you loose your Roon Core?

Yes I do, thank you.
I had to reformat by Mac, and all I had was a Time Machine backup of the whole machine. No Roon backups.
Now if I try to use my old library, Roon won’t start, as it’s stuck in the “Logging in” part…

You can’t use a Time Machine backup to restore your Roon library.

If that’s all you have, then your library is gone.

I’ll move this to the Support section of the forum, but I don’t think @support will be able to help.

You can do a new install of Roon on your computer. Then, if you have your music files backed up somewhere, you can use that to copy your music files to your Roon watched folder and Roon will once again see your music. Then, Roon will import all the metadata for your library.

Like @Jim_F is saying, if your music files were backed up with Time Machine you can, of course, successfully restore them using TM.

I had this same issue with my MacBook after a TimeMachine restore. I was able to resolve it by deleting the Roon app from my computer, and reinstalling. The music on my computer is still there, but lost a lot of my favorites flagged in Tidal. Good luck to you!

But, since they were flagged in Tidal, did you resync with Tidal and did that not restore them to your Roon library?

Hello @Alexandre_Siufy, my apologies for the trouble here. You can learn more about making a viable backup from this article. Any luck with the app if you reinstall?

I know how to make Roon backups, I just neglected to do it in this particular installation.
Since I had to reformat my Mac as it was acting up, I figured the Time Machine backup would be enough, specially since I literally finished the backup and reformatted.
Lost all plays counts and ratings. Very annoying. I figured Roon would be able to at least salvage some information out of the TM backup, but it doesn’t seem possible.

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