Lost datatabase after 846 update and more

QNAP TS453 5.0.01808 with Roon 846
Ethernet, through Netgear R8000
Linn Majik DSM as a streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

76500 tracks (now 0)

Description of Issue

Today this morning I have updated Roon with the latest build 846 from the pkg on my QNAP QTS
After the update, Roon lost track of all my albums…
Then I restored with a recent backup, and when completed Roon asked me to set/search for a Roon Core, which I did after unauthorizing the previous connection…No other choice by the way.
And Roon opened with still 0 album…
I have just set the directories then Roon is now scanning again from scratch my NAS and reimporting/rebuilding a new library in which I will loose ALL the massive personnalizations that I did since 2 years…
Do I have a chance to restore the old (not so old…) library ?
Thanks for any help here…

You need to update your QNAP Roon core to version 2021-10-03. This is necessary for build 846 to work.

This does not solve the issue…

This pkg was already installed, thank you

It wasn’t clear from your post but best of luck. Chris the developer is working on this at the moment.

It does for some people so I don’t agree.

Alright then. At least it doesn’t in my case…

Yes, thank you.
Actually, I wrote that I installed the pkg from QNAP :slight_smile:

Hope you get to the bottom of this as well and get back up and running :crossed_fingers:

Thanks! It works when adding the files as a share, but I would rather not, as I have to do manual rescans each time I add or remove something.

It’s best to include version numbers so that it’s clear when support try to assist :+1:

I am trying to find out a clear walkthrough to reinstall completely Roon Server on my QNAP.
The QNAP hosts the database and the media.
The controller/remote/app (not sure the exact term…) are on Windows.
I guess my installation is pretty simple.

What i would like to achieve is simple: reinstall from scratch wherever that needs to be and reimport/restore the database then I can retrieve all my personnalization.
Does that make sense and is that possible ?

Right now, it looks like a new instance of the Core (or sth) is installed since the last full media scan and database restore didn’t help with retrieving my settings/history/edits/…The library is like brand new.

Can someone please help on the good steps to perform ?

Adding all the log files if that can help at some point…