Lost "Date added" for albums after migrating database to ROCK [Resolved]

Today, I set up a ROCK machine, which went quite smoothly. Great work, roon team, I’m impressed!

One small irritation remains, though:
After importing a recent backup of my database, all my albums appear in alphabetical order when I sort them by “date added”. All other views, like most played, seem to work as expected. Is there any way to fix this?

@support do you have any suggestions?


Whilst waiting for Roon support to get back to you, some questions that may help:

  • What Hardware/OS was Roon running on when you took the backup?
  • Where are the audio files, have they also been moved?
  • What Roon preferences are set for: Roon --> Library --> Import Setting --> Track Import Dates
  • What Roon preferences are set for: Album * --> Metadata Preferences --> Track Import Date

*Just have a look at 2 or 3 examples.

Hello Carl, thanks for getting back at me.

[quote=“Carl, post:4, topic:26450”]
What Hardware/OS was Roon running on when you took the backup?[/quote]
Windows 10

on a NAS and on TIDAL, nothing has been moved

Roon Import Timestamp

Looking at three different examples, there is nothing selected in this screen, for none of the options available there, regardless of the album being from tidal or from local storage. I’m not really sure, but I think this was different when the core was still on my windows machine.

Hi @Kopftelefon ----- Thank you for report and sharing your feedback with us.

To help me evaluate what could be going on here, can you please provide the steps, in detail, of how you went about migrating over to ROCK.


Hello Eric.
I followed the guide in the knowledge base.

I manually forced a scheduled backup to the backup folder on my NAS.
After installing rock, instead of signing in, I chose to restore the backup.

Shall I just try and import the backup for a second time? I’d lose a day of playing history, which would be OK.

And all the music is stored on your NAS?

Did you change any storage configuration after restoring the database? Or did ROCK just come up, find your NAS, and rescan all your files without any action from you?

Yes, all my music is stored on the nas.
I did not change storage configuration. I renamed the database folder on my old core, though, but that happened after connecting to ROCK as the new core (and with the old one shut down, obviously).

Rock came up and found my NAS. I assume it scanned all of my files, I did not trigger a rescan or something similar. As far as I can see, all files are there, just without the import date.

Can you post a screenshot of the Storage tab of Settings?

Here you go:

I got a little impatient and restored the backup for a second time.
Now, “Date added” works for all but ~25 locally stored albums. I can live with that, please let me know if you need more information.

After some more investigation, it seems the “offending” albums were located in folders that I excluded from scanning (listed in “ignored paths”)

On a positive sidenote: the “Date Added”-Timestamps are working again.