Lost dsd playback Audio Alchemy DDP1 after 1.2 upgrade [fixed]

Roon core installed on hp pavilion notebook running windows 8.1
HP hexacore processor 2.0 GHz, 8GB RAM
Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC Running firmware v1.04c locally attached via usb and using asio driver.

All 44.1 and 96 khz flac files local and 44.1 via tidal are performing fine.
DSD files won’t play. All worked fine in v 1.1.

@vova, I am 95% sure this is the same problem as this one.

Can you help @Todd_Shinkarik send us his RAATServer logs so I can confirm?

Sure, @Todd_Shinkarik I’ll contact you shortly via PM. Stay Tuned

@Todd_Shinkarik, I just looked at your logs and confirmed, these are the same issue. You’ll be all set in the next release.

@brian , @vova Thanks for looking into this so quickly, great support!

This should be fixed in Build 128. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise.


Hey @mike , Happy to report that build 128 has indeed fixed my DSD playback. Excellent product and great support makes for a very enjoyable Roon experience so far. Keep up the great work! Many thanks to all involved.