Lost my circle to edit in build 790

On win10 with a high resolution display… the edit that worked in 788 doesn’t work in 790.

It stopped working for me (Win10) in Build 783 - the layout of the atlas files appeared to have changed.

it did but i was able to find it. haven’t been able to yet for 790.

I tried just about everything, but must have missed something. If you do find out what to change in build 790 I’d appreciate some advice.

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Just found it - the circle to modify can be found in the atlas 1x-2 file.

I’ve just successfully edited the file and replaced the artist circles with ‘squircles’ (rounded squares).

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for 783 it was the top right circle in the 1x-2 png file… I guess i can try hunt and peck until i find it. I’ll post here if i do.

which circle?

never mind, it’s the same as it was. didn’t work an hour ago…

Here is my edit:

This edit worked for me.

Yep, don’t know why I had to do it twice. Beach theme and squircles make me happy.

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Thanks for the pointers @hmack and @miss_my_zune .

I can’t get squircles to show after 3 or 4 edits (as below) of 1x-2. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

Fill - solid white
Thickness - left at 10px
Opacity - 100%
Finish - matte

Well, squircles are working on my Win7 desktop with large hi-rez monitor (for now anyway, hehe), but still not on the Win10 notebook with, I’m guessing, lower resolution. I use the desktop the most, so I’m happy.

Thanks again, guys!

Yeah, I was gonna say - I think your screen resolution determines which of the US-atlas files you are using… I set my windows screen settings to to zoom 125% once and lost my squircles - they came back when I reset to 100%.

Squircles (Windows) is still good in 795

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For those compiling data… I changed my monitor setup today to a 3840x2160 resolution with apps at 200%. Looks great on a 65" TV but I briefly lost my squircles. At that resolution, it’s the 2x-1 file you have to edit.