Lost R&L rear surround channels

late 2012 I7 Quad core MacMini. 16g ram 256 SSD internal HD. DROBO attached storage

Since 2018 I have been successfully playing mutichannel files using Procedural EQ. Using a MINIDSP U DIO-8 which MIDI see as a USBStreamer. I have tried increasing gain on surround channels with no success.
On MIDI set to “*8 ch 24-bit integer 44/1 kHz” I can then go to “5.1 surround configuration” . Then when I use test all channels map correctly including R&L surround.
I suspect but hope this is not because of the last ROON update.I seem to have reoccurring issues after updates :
with lost cover art, lost tags, and missing data I have entered. Ie. Version which I enter as vinyl,

The U-DIO8 is an 8channel device. My guess is that Roon is sending the SR/SL out over channels 7 and 8 and that you are using channels 1-6 to connect to your DACs. Is Roon set up to see the U-DIO8 output as 5.1 or 7.1?

Three possible solutions:

  1. In the Roon device setup for the U-DIO8, change the output from 5.1 to 7.1 or vice versa.
  2. In the Roon device setup for the U-DIO8, tell it to swap or duplicate SR/SL with RR/RL.
  3. Reconnect your 3rd DAC from the U-DIO8’s channels 5,6 to channels 7,8.
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Hi Kal,
Once again you’ve come through for me!
Option 2. Swapping the Rear Channels did it.
FYI if it weren’t for your wonderful column, I wouldn’t have purchased the U-DIO8. It was a problem solver since I was unable to use HDMI on my Yamaha prepro because my HDMI on my Mac mini was being used for my monitor.
Thanks again!

Hey @Jeffrey_Kenton, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further questions.