Lost some album cover art

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus V1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Macbook Air Roon Remote

Connected Audio Devices

DCS Bartok Roon ready

Number of Tracks in Library

3800 CDs
2600 artists
71000 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi, I have a strange problem that perhaps someone can help me with. Many thanks in advance!

I seem to have lost the album cover art of a large number of albums seemingly randomly in my Roon library. This happened after I tried to install a Roon update yesterday. I believe I may have aborted the update prematurely so perhaps that is the issue? Just a little while ago I reloaded my previous backup from the end of February 95 DAYS AGO) but that didn’t fix the problem leaving me puzzled. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Clear cache. Restart your whole chain. Modem, router, switches, core etc.
Most of the time this will do the job.

Thank you! I will try that

Actually, having rebooted everything - Internet, Nucleus, Roon remote - I am still not seeing the album cover art that went missing initially. I wonder if I need to re-install Roon on the Nucleus or on the Remote. Are the procedures given somewhere in the Roon website?

The one thing I have not done is clear cache on my Macbook Air which serves as the Roon Remote.

Thank you

Fixed now. I figured out where the Clear Cache option was in Roon and when I did that it worked. Thank you @fietser

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