Lots of Missing Album Art

I’m a new Roon user. Just opened my apps (iPhone, Mac, iPad) and all having missing Album art… :man_shrugging:t3: not all, but about 75% of all albums. Why…? How do I fix it…? This is a terrible experience so far… :confused:

I’ve moved your post from the Uncategorized section of the forum into the Support section, where it will be seen and responded to by a member of the Support team. Please assist them in their diagnosis by describing your Roon setup in detail (what your Roon Server is running on, your network hardware and configuration, your Library size and so on). Thanks.

It is known issue in ARC if the phone is offline, and your screenshot shows ARC. But you are saying this also happens in regular Roon remotes, yes? Does it affect the same albums in all remotes or different ones?

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I’ve installed Roon on my Mac, created a server and have linked Tidal. I’m on a wired ethernet connection that is stable. I have ARC running on my iPhone and an iPad. All three devices shows the same missing album art—all from Tidal. There is no NAS connected. Just a Tidal connection.

Hi @Michael_L,

Thanks for writing in and for your report! I believe you may be experiencing a known issue we’re currently investigating in relation to Tidal syncing with Roon.

If you head to Roon Settings>Services>Tidal>Edit is your library fully synced?

I hope to have more information on the issue soon. :pray:

Hi @benjamin

Many thanks for your reply. The Tidal settings menu says, ‘syncing library now’…?

I can also see the purple spinner in the top right menu bar is spinning. If I click on that it opens a modal that says, ‘Adding music to library’. I think it’s been doing this for a few days now.

Underneath that is a red alert saying, ‘Metadata Improver: Paused’.

Hi @Michael_L,

Thanks for the update! You’re likely experiencing a known issue we’re still actively investigating. Any updates to this issue will be shared via the tracking thread below:

Thanks for your patience in the meantime! :+1:

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