Lots of problems, please help!

Hi -

had an issue with my Roon Core yesterday which has snowballed into a complete meltdown. Essentially, I was having issues with my ethernet network card on my old intel nuc - so backed up, and re-installed windows and Roon.

After I installed roon I created a temporary new core on the old NUC, and used wireless to get around the lack of ethernet. First issue, Roon won’t restore the backup I just made, get no backups found. And, because I reformatted, I don’t have my other backups. This infuriates me to no end, but I have my music and am at peace with building out my library again.

I bought a new nuc today, and installed windows and roon using the the hard drive from the previous nuc. Roon won’t allow me to create a new roon core, because of the temporary core that was created on my previous device. I can’t turn off that core because that hard drive no longer exists. Deauthorizing the core doesn’t seem to work. What’s more, I keep getting the error “Are you online” on Roon. When I clearly am, and am accessing Roon via a remote from the same machine (same result with a different machine on my network.

Not 3 DAYS AGO I SPENT $900 on a lifetime subscription, after using Roon for 5 years. NOW IVE LOST MY PATIENCE. Can someone pleas help me get this rectified? This is ridiculous for a software product that costs this much.

I just want to relax and listen to some music this weekend, but I can’t. There are no numbers to call. Please help.

Just got the old core reauthorized, and new core working - but backup is dead.

Why so many issues lately? I never had these issues before when changing cores or reinstalling Roon?

My backup is only 733mb which leads me to believe it’s corrupt, and hope is lost on that.

You have problems, want help, yet no information.
If you want help, you have to provide usefull information so that it is possible to help you.

Andrew_Hendler I recommend filling in the usual support data template, and tagging it @support. Then, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until after the weekend for someone to take care of it.

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Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the terse note, I’ve just been fighting with this for two days. Will get it going as far as I can, and provide more detail about any remaining issues.(Also will tag with support).

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I can understand your annoyance, but from my point of view your issue needs care by the official Roon support. So please be patient, hopefully the guys will be able to help you.

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@Andrew_Hendler, I moved your post to the Support category.

To improve assistance with your situation, can you please complete the questions below:

Roon Core Machine

Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Your network gear (model of routers/switches) and if on WiFi/Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.)

Number of Tracks in Library

Tell us how large your music library is, eg. “30,000 tracks”

Description of Issue

Tell us about the problem you’re having in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are always appreciated!

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Funny, I just had a similar issue. I lost Ethernet on my desktop PC and so was running on WiFi.

My problems were cleared up by re-establishing a new Settings==>Backup and pointing to the old folder. Since your Backups seem to be lost otherwise, it’s worth a try. Can’t get any worse.

Interesting. That’s the only thing I didn’t try. I did get up and running for, and while I had a done of zones - only a couple playlists - so outside the listening history it’s not the end of the world. My albums and Qobuz albums are back in there.

Only thing I can’t do is activate Windows 10 Pro. I typically run Pro because I like running the NUC as a headless server and remoting in from any computer I want. After sitting with Microsoft support for half an hour and being “acccidentally” disconnected, I gave up on it for tonight.

This whole thing started because I accidentally hit the off button on the power strip my original NUC was attached to. It rebooted just fine, but nothing I can do would get one of it’s two ethernet ports working. Three if you count my external USB-C to 2.5GBE adapter. It wasn’t even solved by a win10 reinstall, and a bios update. I guess my network ports all got fried, but my wifi port? It doesn’t really make sense. Anyway, I know that the forums are intended to be a solution - but sometimes it would be nice if there was someone you can call. It’s enthusiast software but not cheap. I don’t regret buying the lifetime edition, I’d never use another music player - but it seems like every single thing possible that could go wrong did go wrong - and Roon always was more stable in terms of restoring from backup and core setup in previous versions.

Edit: Incidentally I picked up An Asus PN63-S1 barebones PC (their NUC) - specifically because it had 2 nvme slots, AND a 2.5 HDD slot. I wonder if Rock will run on it …

Thanks everyone for their help. It seems that tripping the power button on my PS Audio Dectet fried the ability to run ethernet on my old Intel Nuc (Hades Canyon). It’s a very strange issue, the Nuc in question has two ethernet ports, both of which just show “Unidentified Network” when plugged in, and won’t access the internet or intranet (though everything else that is attached to that switch does). Even a USB-C to ethernet adapter didn’t work (which I had been using so I could run 2.5GBE). It was clear that the Nuc was the issue as moving it to any ethernet connection in my house didn’t work.

I initially looked for another Nucs on the recommended list so I would have the option of running Rock (I typically use Win 10 Pro for my Roon Server so I can run it headless, and remote in), but I ended up getting the Asus PN63-S1 with an 11th gen core i7. In addition to having 2.5GBE on board, it has two NVME storage slots, AND an internal sata connection for a 2.5 inch drive. This was most appealing to me, as many of the Nucs I looked at had 1 or two at most. My music library is only a little over 1 terabyte at the moment - and living on a 2tb NVME - but if/when that eventually runs out, I can just pop in another SSD for significantly cheaper than buying a 3 or 4 tb NVME and moving all my files to there. And, I love keeping the core all contained in one box. I don’t want to use external hard drives, or a NAS. Having my music local to my roon core works best for me, after trying a number of configurations. So, right now, one NVME runs the OS, and the other runs the music. The music drive is shared throughout my network, so I can easily put new albums on quickly, at 2.5GBE speeds.

My backup, no matter what I tried, won’t work. It’s not the end of the world, as my albums and Qobuz favorites populated as soon as I pointed to the music folder and signed into Qobuz. I have about 10 zones. I have Martin Logan 13As and a Pass Int 60 as my main listening zone, a headphone setup, a pair of KEF LS50w in another room, a pair of KEF LSX wall mounted in a small gym, and I have sonos amps driving in ceiling speakers in most rooms of my house and backyard - so it took a little while to enable and set each zone. I had some eq profiles for my LCD-5, which I lost - but again - not the end of the world.

I love Roon, and as I mentioned, I switched to a lifetime subscription just days ago. It’s been rock solid for me, which I think is part of the reason I was so upset that I ran into so many issues trying to move my roon core and setup a new pc. I was already frustrated that my NUC died after just losing power (it’s the second time I lost a Roon Core this way). This part is obviously not roon’s fault but it added to my frustrations; Roon has been rock solid for me, and I haven’t experienced any thing close to the problems I did in the past couple days over my past 5 years of use. I expected that I’d have to get a new Nuc and set it up, just not that I’d lose my backup - and run into numerous other issues in initially connecting to my new roon core.

It’s great software. I love Roon Arc as well, and don’t regret for a second opting for a lifetime subscription finally, a couple days ago. I can’t imagine using anything else. That said, as the software has become more complex, clearly some bugs have surfaced around backups, and moving the roon core, which is crucial nuts and bolts functionality. And, I’m not the only one - after a search of the forum, every single issue I experienced has been experienced numerous times by other users. When stuff like this doesn’t work, AND you must rely on a support forum rather than being able to speak to a human being - it exacerbates the issue.

I don’t expect Roon to start offering phone support; it’s wildly popular amongst audiophiles - but still a niche business and their company is not constructed like that. I do hope they take a look at some of the functionality described. The cost of the software means mission critical items, like backups, need to work nearly flawlessly. After I backup my library, roon should verify that backup. If it tells me the backup completed successfully, I need to feel confident that it has.

That is all. Thank you all for your help and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for offering help. As mentioned in my last note, I’m up and running but my backup doesn’t work. At this point, I’ve created a new library and I’m going to run with it. In the future, I will leverage the support ticket regarding issues.

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